Field Tested Systems Color Spectroscopy Package

Brand: Field Tested Systems


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Product Details

  • Star Analyser 100

    The Star Analyser 100 from Field Tested Systems is a high efficiency of 100 lines/mm transmission diffraction grating. It is mounted in a standard 1.25-inch diameter threaded cell, this filter is compatible with most telescopes and accessories. It was designed to produce low-resolution spectrum images of a wide range of pin-point astronomical objects as easy as possible. 

    RSpec Spectral Analysis Software

    RSpec software is a program that enables you to rapidly go from a FITS, DSLR, or video image to a calibrated spectrum graph. Now you can see a star or planet’s spectrum graph instantly, right at your telescope! No more waiting until later to see if you got the spectrum you hoped for. With this software, you can go from a raw image to a calibrated profile graph in just a few clicks.


    • Live Capture: For a webcam or video camera via DirectX.
    • Import .avi video files.
    • Reads BMP, JPG, TIF, FITS, and RAW DSLR file formats
    • Image Rotation: Capture images at any angle and process it horizontally.
    • Image Averaging: Dramatically increase image quality and stability
    • Background Subtraction: to enhance spectra by reducing sky glow and camera glow.
    • Calibration: Use Reference files to calibrate from pixels to Angstroms in just four clicks!
    • Focusing Tool: When a star is in focus, the spectrum will not be out of focus. Using RSpec’s Focusing Tool, you can focus on a feature in the spectrum profile graph itself!
    • Importing and Exporting: Read and write your profiles to raw .dat files for use in other programs, including VSpec and Microsoft Excel.
    • Multi-Core Processor Support: provides raw data processing in real-time
    • Presentation: Rspec's Appearance tools allow you to customize your profile graph’s colors, lines, layout or to add labels and call-outs.
    • Video Support: Hours of instructional video material for using the software. 
    • Languages: Comes with French, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Czech, and Italian language files, with more being added regularly.

    ZWO ASI224

    The ZWO ASI224 Color CMOS camera is an excellent choice for spectroscopy. The Sony IMX224 sensor used in this camera is known for its linear response and great signal to noise ratio. In other words, this camera gives you extreme accuracy and precision when measuring the spectra of the stars. The 224 sensor Is also extra sensitive in the IR range! The Camera is also capable of live capture so you will be able to analyze properties of a star in real time!

    • Star Analyser 100
    • Rspec Software License
      • * Software is Downloaded
    • ZWO ASI 224
      • Camera Body
      • ST4 Cable
      • 2m USB3.0 Cable
      • 1.25" Dust Cover
      • 1.25" Nose Piece
      • Quick Guide
    • TPO 25mm Extension Tube

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