Explore Scientific FirstLight 80 mm GoTo Refractor Package

  • A Complete Telescope Package for Easy Navigation of the Night Sky. 
  • Computerized Telescope, WiFi or Wired Control.
  • Share Stunning Images of the Universe with Your Smartphone!
  • 80 mm (3.25-inch) Aperture.
  • Capacity Weight: 19 pounds.
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Explore Scientific FirstLight 80 mm GoTo Refractor Package

The Explore Scientific FirstLight 80 mm GoTo Refractor Package comes complete with a telescope, sturdy mount, eyepiece, red dot viewfinder, and smartphone adapter! Take a journey into the night sky and enjoy easy navigation with this ultimate portable system!

Explore Scientific FirstLight GoTo Package Features

  • 80 mm White Tube Refractor.
  • iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight Equatorial Tracker System - A complete astronomical computerized WiFi or wired GoTo Equatorial Tracker.
  • Compatible with Small Telescopes or DSLR Cameras - Attached to a standard Vixen-style dovetail plate.
  • Hands-free Control - From your tablet or computer through ExploreStars App ASCOM POTH 
  • 90-degree Diagonal - For comfortable viewing.
  • Draw Tube Focuser - Experience smoother focusing.
  • Plossl 25 mm Eyepiece - Magnify your observations and experience detailed views!
  • Red-dot Finder - Save time on accurately pointing to a celestial object. 
  • Smartphone Adapter - Easily capture and share mesmerizing images of the night sky through your smartphone!

Optimized Engineering of the Explore Scientific FirstLight 80 mm GoTo Refractor Package

Explore FirstLight 80 mm Refractor

  • 80 mm aperture will reveal impressive lunar details ranging from craters to rilles, planetary features like Saturn’s ring structure or Jupiter’s cloud belts; and bright deep-sky treasures like galaxies, nebulae, and clusters.
  • Built-in dew shield slows moisture build-up on the objective lens and reduces interference from ambient light.

iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight Equatorial Tracker System

  • Integrated Explore Scientific PMC-Eight system that transcends the industry-standard single processor by utilizing eight CPUs that operate independently of one another to focus on defined functions, which results in superior responsiveness, efficiency, reliability, and astoundingly fast timing intervals.
  • Clutched dual-axis worm gears with quiet precision stepper motor belt drives.
  • Intuitive ExploreStars app, which is available for Apple, Android, and Windows tablets, that makes it simple to operate the GOTO system. Through it, users can quickly align their telescope, navigate the stars and learn specifics about tens of thousands of celestial objects.
  • Clutched RA and Declination axes are smooth and allow for precise balancing, which makes the process of repositioning your telescope efficient.
  • Polar alignment sight hole through the RA axis and precise altitude control for fast alignment without polar scope.
  • Battery pack powering the PMC-Eight system uses 8 C batteries and is secured in a bracket on one of the tripod legs when in use.
  • Two 1 kg counterweights included.
  • Glow-in-the-dark markings on mount and tripod.

FirstLight 80 mm GoTo Package Technical Details 

  • Magnification: 125x.
  • Adapter: 40 mm draw tube focuser, 1.25-inch 90-degree diagonal.
  • Optical Diameter: 80 mm.
  • Mount Type: Twilight Nano.
  • Tripod Weight: 5.35 pounds.
  • Counterweights: 1 kg each.
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Aperture80 mm (3.25")
Dawes Limit0.18 arcseconds
Focal Length640 mm
Focal Ratiof/8
Free ShippingYes
Head DesignEquatorial
Instrument Capacity19 lbs
Mount Head Weight9.5lbs
Telescope ConnectionVixen Style


  • FirstLight 80 mm White Tube Refractor.
  • iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight GoTo Tracker Mount.
  • 40 mm Draw Tube Focuser.
  • 1.25-inch 90-degree Diagonal.
  • Plossl 25 mm Eyepiece.
  • Red-dot Finder.
  • Smartphone Camera Adapter.