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Explore Scientific 3x Focal Extender 2-Inch Barrel 4 Elements

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  • 3x Focal Extender Lens
  • Adapter for 1.25-Inch Eyepieces



Explore Scientific 3x Focal Extender 2-Inch Barrel 4 Elements

The Explore Scientific 3x Focal Extender (2.0-Inch O.D.), accepts both 1.25-inch O.D. and 2.0-inch O.D. format eyepieces and camera adapters.

Fully EMD-Coated on all air-to-air lens surfaces, with all lens elements edge-blackened to produce superior contrast, this focal extender adds some real versatility to your telescope accessory line-up.

First of all, it allows you to increase the magnification of any eyepiece with the same barrel size that you already own. In other words, 3 eyepieces offer 6 magnification choices with the addition of a focal extender.

Secondly, most of the time, lower magnification eyepieces such as the 30 mm 82-Degree Series Waterproof Eyepiece have better eye relief than higher power models. When using a focal extender to increase your magnification, you get to enjoy the generous eye relief of the lower power eyepiece, and that's quite a bonus, especially for eyeglass wearers or for those with fast telescopes who can really push high magnification eyepieces. Remember, we also make 1.25-inch O.D. Focal Extenders in 2x, 3x, and 5x models, so there is something for every style of telescope.


Barrel Size2"
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  • Explore Scientific 3x Focal Extender 2-Inch Barrel
  • Adapter 2-Inch to 1.25-Inch
  • Eyepiece Bag