Explore Scientific 10" F/5 Dobsonian (Truss Tube)

Brand: Explore Scientific

SKU : ES-DOB1045-00

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  • Aperture: 254mm (10")
  • Focal Ratio: f/5
  • Focal Length: 1270mm
  • Excellent deep sky observation telescope

Product Details

  • The Dobsonian was a game-changer when introduced, and maintains that legacy. Before the introduction of the Dobsonian by John Dobson, high end astronomy was generally considered to be restricted to the wealthy due to the restrictive cost of high end telescope models such as the Schmidt-Cassegrain; amateur astronomy and budget astronomy where believed to be restricted to primitive and simple scopes which, at best, would have range to just barely perceive the polar caps of Mars, or the Rings of Saturn. The Dobsonian both was and is a Game Changer, in that regard; highly affordable, but with a high end design that vastly increases your range of potential observation targets! Nowhere can it be said that you will find a more efficient buy than a high quality Dobson- in 'Light for Money' calculations, these hit the top!

    Because it's not just about affordability, or just about quality; for most people, it's about finding a perfect balance of both- and here that perfect balance is struck with precision! Affordable, but more than capable of working as an absolute visual powerhouse, this 10" F/5 Dobsonian is one of Explore Scientific's finest of it's kind. The entire structure has been optimized for maximum stiffness with minimal weight, and the combination of high altitude bearings with optimized aluminum structures allows fine adjustment flows at high magnifications! Explore Scientific's 10" F/5 Dobsonian is ideal for deep sky observers, with a 254mm Mirror collecting over 1500 times as much as the naked eye. With this scope, even an Amateur observer can have an easy time of spotting fine details on planets and deep sky objects. You'll find that brighter star clusters are resolved to the very core, and that the Lunar Terminator is a sight to behold! With a scope like this, it's easy to create unforgettable experiences for yourself, to savor and hold on to for as long as you wish!

    This telescope comes with a 2" focuser with helical gearing and 10:1 reduction; LED Red Dot Finder, collimation assist tool; soft light baffle and two radial main mirror fans for fast temperature equilibrium.

    OPT Product Number: ES-DOB1045-00
  • specifications

    Aperture254 mm (10")
    Focal Length1270 mm
    Focal Ratiof/5
    Optical DesignDobsonian
  • included items

    • 10" F/5 Dobsonian OTA
    • 2" Focuser
    • LED Red Dot Finder
    • Collimation Tool
    • Mount Base

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