DayStar Quantum SE 0.7A H-Alpha Filter

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DayStar Quantum SE 0.7A H-Alpha Filter

DayStar Filters - DayStar 32mm QSE Hydrogen-Alpha Filter

The DayStar Quantum Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Filter has a completely redesigned, precision-heated housing that incorporates ALL of the desired features for today's solar observer or researcher... and then some. Operation couldn't be simpler, just plug it in and a green light indicates when the filter is onband.

The DayStar Quantum H-a filter housing operates at 12VDC for field or battery use. The unit includes a 100-240 power supply with US, European, UK and Australian adapter wall plates, live LCD readout of the filter's wavelength output (accurate to 0.1??) and red /blue wing shift buttons that can precisely tune the wavelength up or down for Doppler studies. The Quantum even includes a serial port for computer control capability for on-screen display of filter readout. The DayStar Quantum Series body style is all about ease of operation.... total simplicity.

When you begin using the DayStar Quantum Filter, the screen displays a startup message with the bandpass and PE/SE quality of the optics. The filter shows a readout of the wavelength currently being transmitted by the filter. The central emission line of Hydrogen Alpha is 6562.8??. When your filter is first plugged in, it should read a wavelength below Ha. As it heats up, it will reach the 6562.8 and stop. In order to see the target wavelength, press the red or blue buttons. Another number will appear, blinking. This is the TARGET wavelength. It will return to the current wavelength readout after you release the button.

Once the target wavelength is reached, the unit will wait approximately 8 minutes before the yellow light turns green. This allows the heat to radiate completely through the optics to assure you are ON the target wavelength indicated.

The DayStar Quantum SE 0.7A Hydrogen-Alpha Filter Specifications...

The Quantum SE (Standard Edition) series is designed for most amateur and some academic applications. These filters meet the critical DayStar quality control criteria applicable in all visual and some photographic environments.
  • Clear and usable aperture: 32 mm. (1.25")
  • Bandwidth measurement: 19 mm(0.75") central aperture
  • Fully blocked transmittance: 4%-8% of polarized light. Lower values correspond to narrower bandwidth filters
  • Off-band rejection: Average optical density greater than 6.0 from X-ray to beyond 2.0 microns
  • Optical components: Selected instrument quality. Air-glass interfaces are anti-reflection coated in the filtering assemblies.

DayStar Quantum SE 0.7A Hydrogen-Alpha Filter Applications...

DayStar Filters are designed to be mounted at the rear, eyepiece end of the telescope. This application allows flexibility to use the filter on many different kinds and sizes of telescopes. You are not aperture limited when using a DayStar Filter. Many DayStar owners use their filters with apertures of 150mm or greater with great success.

The important idea to remember when using a DayStar Filter is that light entering the filter must be as close to parallel as possible. That is to say that your focal ratio should be approximately F/30. Lower F/ratios allow light to enter the filter at different angles, affecting performance. The diagram above demonstrates how owners can adapt different telescopes to the F/30 required by either introducing a barlow (negative lens) or by masking the objective and reducing the aperture. The result of using a telescope at a faster focal ratio is a wider transmission of the filter. A 0.5?? filter will transmit a wider spectrum at shorter f/ratios, and its bandwidth will increase at F/8 or F/5 to more than 1??.

With DayStar rear-mounted filters, an observer has a choice of high or low resolution configurations on a choice of dozens of telescopes:

A: USE FULL APERTURE. This method requires a barlow. Insert the barlow, then insert the DayStar Filter behind it and you're ready to observe in high resolution for amazing detail. The barlow power required for full aperture observing is 30/the f ratio of your telescope. For example, an F/8 needs a 4X barlow. (30/8 = about 4).

B: USE AN APERTURE MASK. Stop down your front aperture. Use no barlow. Just insert the DayStar Filter in the focuser of your telescope and you're ready to observe full-disk. The aperture you need to reduce down to is your Focal Length (EFL) divided by 30. For example, a 2500mm EFL telescope would use an 83mm aperture mask.

C: TRY A COMBINATION OF A & B. Use a smaller barlow and a slight aperture reduction mask. Use half your aperture and a lower power Barlow for a nice compromise between resolution and field of view. ANY DayStar Hydrogen Alpha filter can be used on any telescope configured this way. 0.7?? or 0.4??, it's your choice.

The DayStar Quantum SE Filter in this package has a bandwidth (half-bandwidth maximum @ f/30) of 0.8 angstroms. Filters with 0.8 angstrom bandwidths will reveal prominences in high contrast. You must also purchase a Energy Rejection Filter (ERF) to fit your telescope. See the Accessories tab for a list of ERF's for both refractors and SCT reflectors (putting DayStar filters on Newtonians is not recommended. Achieving the focal position for proper filter operation may be difficult and could require substantial modification to your optical system). If you do not see a filter that is recommended for your telescope, contact OPT and we'll help you get the proper filter. DayStar Filters are made in the USA and are backed by a limited ten-year warranty.

Wait times are generally 2-4 weeks from time of order.

DayStar now requires a 50% deposit on all h-alpha telescope and filter orders. To find out availability, give us a call or send us an email. Thank you!

DayStar Filters Product Number: QSE0.7


Aperture100 mm (3.94")
Blocking Filter Barrel Size1.25"
Emission LineAlpha
Optimized Forf/30 or Under
Tuner IncludedYes
Warranty10 Year Warranty