Dew-Not Hand Controller Dew Heater

Brand: Dew-Not


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Product Details

  • Dew-Not Hand Controller Dew Heater

    This USA made Dew Heater is a top notch quality item, designed for durability and lasting use. Providing an even dispersion of heat that is designed to avoid the twin terrors of blackouts and overheating by running at a consistent, even temperature, this Dew Heater is sure to prevent any accumulation of moisture on your hand controller during those long nighttime astronomy sessions, and furthermore will keep the controller warm and toasty in your hand. This thick dew heater operates at 12 volts, and its all American design ensures a long-lasting period of use, sheer durability, and quality speaks for itself. This product comes with a standard six-foot cord and phono-plug connector.

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