DayStar Combo Quark for SCT - Chromosphere Model

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  • DayStar Combo Quark for SCT - Chromosphere Model

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    DayStar Combo Quark for SCT - Chromosphere Model

    About the DayStar Combo Quark H-Alpha Eyepiece - Chromosphere Model...

    The Combo Quark offers a choice for the SCT and long focal length user. Designed for SCT, Maksutov Cassegrain and refractor owners with focal ratios between f/15 and f/30. An innovative all in one design combines the needed adapters, snouts and DayStar H-alpha filter into a simple and compact assembly. Simply insert the Quark into your diagonal, pair with a ERF (energy rejection filter), add an eyepiece and view. The compact design of the Quark allows you to view the sun in full hydrogen alpha glory without the weight and expensive components associated with more traditional systems.

    The Chromosphere model is designed specifically to enhance surface detail. See sunspots and surface swirls in gorgeous natural color and intense detail.


    The ERF is sold separately and is neccessary for safe viewing through a SCT or Mak-Cass telescope. This specialized filter reduces heat built up in the optical tube keeping your eyes and telescope safe. Specifically SCT owners must use a front mounted off-axis ERF to reduce their aperture. Maksutov owners operating at f/15 natively do not need to reduce the aperture of their telescope with an off-axis filter but do still need to employ a front mount ERF to keep heat from accumulating.


    • Offers a 25 mm Blocking Filter
    • 21 mm clear filter aperture
    • Designed for use with f/15-f/30 SCT, Maksutov and Refractor owners.
    • Standard 1.25-inch eyepiece drawtube output with optional 2-inch and SCT accessories available.
    • Brass compression ring to protect eyepiece.
    • Uses USB power, 5V 1.5Amp
    • Includes 90-240VAC wall adapter with international plug adapters.
    • Tuning knob allows wing shifting +/- 0.5 degrees with detents at every 0.1 degree.
    • LED indicator for power, warming, ready, fault.
    • Optional 8-hour battery pack available.
    • Full disk viewing possible on refractors up to approximately 1800 mm focal length refractors
    • No aperture limitations. May be used on larger refractors for higher magnification views in combination with an energy rejection filter (sold separately).
    • Ships in convenient Twist-Case for safe, dust-free storage.
    • 5 year warranty.


    OPT Product Number: DF-COMBOQUARK-C



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    • Can you use this on a Orion 80mm CF? Is this just a more versatile version of the original Quark?

      No, this version is designed for SCT scopes with aperture masks. You would not have a high enough focal ratio for best contrast when using this on a refractor without stopping down the aperture of the scope.

    • Can you use this celestron nextar 8 se? 8se= f10 ??

      Yes the Daystar Quark SCT will work on the Celestron 8SE. You will need an Energy Rejection Filter.

    • Can you use the IR filter like the Celestron Eclipsmart on the 8 HD, or do you have to have and off-axis filter for the Quark?

      The energy rejection filter (ERF) from DayStar must be used in conjunction with the Quark. The front mount ERF will generate a slower focal ratio and prevents heat build-up in the OTA.

    • Can I use the Quark with a Celestron 8 EDGE + ERF + a focal reducer like the Optec 0.62x telecompressor?

      unfortunately, no. The light entering the quark needs to be ~f/25-30, so you will need a sub-aperture ERF on the front of the scope and the quark with no reducer at the back. You might be able to use a small focal reducer right before the camera, but th