Coronado SolarMax II 90mm Etalon/ RichView Tuner Package

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Coronado SolarMax II 90mm Etalon/ RichView Tuner Package

The Coronado SolarMax II 90mm Etalon/ RichView Tuner consists of a H-Alpha 90mm narrowband unit for use in doublestacking along with a matching RichView Tuner. Cannot be used without secondary interference filter.

By applying the Coronado SolarMax II 90mm Etalon/ RichView Tuner to your current SolarMax 90 system, you can achieve a <0.5 ngstrom passband, centered on the 6562.8 ngstrom H-Alpha line and the sub-ngstrom passband width which gives a perfect balance of prominence and surface features. The assembly is thermally stable at 0.005 per degree Centigrade, so there is no drifting off the H-Alpha line as the filter heats up during normal observing.


Aperture90 mm (3.54")
Blocking Filter Barrel Size1.25"
Emission LineH Alpha
Free ShippingYes
Optimized Forf/30 or Under
Tuner IncludedYes
Warranty1 Year Warranty


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  • I already have a solarmax II 90 mm external etalon threaded directly to my TV-102 iis with a BF-30 blocking filter at the focuser end. I would like to order this second etalon for double stacking. Can you please confirm that I will need to use the Corona

    Since you already have the SMF90 with the BF30, this CI-SME90 doublestack filter should be all you need. You do not have to buy an AP190 seperately as the tip-tilt interface plate comes with the SME90.

  • What is the weight on this 90mm etalon?

    The shipping weight is 9 lbs, but that includes the case. The etalon itself weighs around 5-6 lbs including the T-Max threaded adapter that allows it to connect to a 90mm Coronado scope or suitable adapter to another telescope.