Coronado Telescopes

When the topic of Solar imaging and Solar viewing comes up, Coronado is one of the first brands that comes to mind. OPT carries all of Coronado's latest and greatest telescope designs. Coronado offers a number of dedicated hydrogen alpha (H-alpha) solar telescopes for stunning views of the solar surface, Sun spots, and prominences. 

With Coronado, there's a Solar telescope for everyone. Their entry-level Solar telescope, the Personal Solar Telescope (also known as PST), is an excellent choice for anyone getting into solar viewing. With a 40mm aperture, and a 5mm blocking filter size, this highly-affordable dedicated solar telescope is extremely portable, and offers views that white-light telescope filters cannot deliver. The larger aperture telescopes offer the ability to do solar astrophotography. While galaxies and nebulae change very little over the course of years or decades, the Sun is constantly changing, making it an exciting object to view and image each and every day.

These dedicated Solar telescopes are available in both single-stacked and double-stacked versions, with a variety of apertures and blocking filter sizes. Single stack options allow for fantastic views of the prominences on the edge of the Sun, while the double-stack option allows a narrower bandpass through for greater detail on the solar surface. Granulation on the Sun's surface are shown in phenomenal detail with the double-stack unit. The Coronado telescopes are quite versatile, allowing you to swap between a single stack unit and a double stack unit with ease. The external double-stack unit attaches very easily by threading it onto the front of these telescopes.

Coronado's SolarMax line of telescopes also include their RichView technology. Coronado’s patented RichView tuning allowing direct tuning of the etalon filters. The patented tuning technology provides additional tuning range and a better way of adjusting the filters bandpass. You can tune for the highest contrast views of your favorite solar features without sacrificing the quality of your views and images!

Each of these solar telescopes also come with a solar safe finder option, making it easy to find and center the Sun.