Celestron StarSense Auto-Align for Sky Watcher Mounts

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  • Celestron StarSense Auto-Align for Sky Watcher Mounts

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    • Aligns Computerized Sky-Watcher Mounts Automatically!
    • StarSense Hand control
    • StarSense Camera
    • Mounting Bracket Included
    • Interface Box


    Celestron StarSense Auto-Align for Sky Watcher Mounts

    Celestron's StarSense Auto-Alignment system for their Sky-Watcher mounts is a massive convenience! It allows you to automatically align your computerized Sky-Watcher mount, taking away the hassle of identifying and searching for your desired star; with the StarSense, you can automatically align your mount to point your scope where you like, and get straight to observing or imaging! It is compatible with a wide array of Sky-Watcher mounts which will be listed below and replaces the more basic SynScan controller that usually comes standard with those mounts.

    StarSense technology was innovated by Celestron's engineers, allowing a Celestron computerized telescope to automatically align itself with the night sky. With this technology, it's simple and easy to locate celestial objects. And now, this technology can be ported to a computerized Sky-Watcher mount with this new Interface Box, further expanding the number of scopes that can take advantage of StarSense's revolutionary auto alignment!


    Compatible Sky Watcher Mounts:

    • HEQ5
    • EQ6
    • AZ-EQ5
    • AZ-EQ6
    • EQ8
    • Any AZ SynScan compatible mounts

    OPT Product Number: CE-94006

    Additional Information

    Accessory TypeStarSense Camera
    Accessory TypeStarSense Hand Control
    For Telescope ModelSkyWatcher and most Celestron
    Free ShippingYes
    • StarSense Camera
    • StarSense Hand Control
    • Large and Small Mounting Brackets
    • Interface Box with 3 AUX ports
    • Interface Cord (Camera to Interface Box)
    • Tripod Strap for Hand Control
    • Lens Cap for the Camera



    Questions & Answers

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    • The Celestron StarSense Auto-Align for Sky Watcher Mounts is useful to align mounts in the southern hemisphere? Thank you so much.

      I do know that the Southern Hemisphere bugs have been fixed for the Original StarSense. So I do believe this would be the same for the Sky-Watcher Model. We haven’t sold any of these units yet and so far we do not know of any bugs.

    • Can the StarSense Auto-align work inside a dome. I have read that it automatically captures wide field of view frames to compare with know star fields. The dome would prevent wide field of view pictures. I'm spending too much time on alignment and not e

      Yes, the StarSense system can be used at sites with significant sky-obstruction (including from within an observatory dome). In this kind of situation, one would use the StarSense Manual Alignment mode, which allows the user to manually slew the telescop

    • Will the 95mm 1000 Oakes solar filter fit a Meade 82 mm Mini Lightbridge? It's tube has a 95mm O.D..

      It sounds like it's going to be close. Double check the OD of your telescope (casting variations could make a difference here). If you're even a hair over 95mm, we'll need to go up to the next size.

    • Will it work with the Orion hdx110?

      Good morning and thanks for asking. This Star Sense will work with the Orion mount.

    • I have the c925 evolution mount and a sw azeq6. Will the sky watcher version be compatible with both mounts? Thanks

      The Starsense Sky-watcher version comes with a converter box. It will work on the Celestron Evolution mount you just don't use the converter box.

    • I already have the StarSense system for a Celestron mount, can I purchase a connector/plugin for a Skywatcher mount?

      Unfortunately, Celestron doesn't offer the hub by itself. The only way to get one at the moment is to purchase a StarSense for Skywatcher mounts.

    • Is the hand controller that comes with this the USB version?

      Yes the Celestron Starsense hand controller is now the USB version.

    • Greetinigs - Will the StarSense work with a SkyWatcher NEQ6 Pro mount? thanks,

      Yes, this version will work for an NEQ6.

    • Will the aux ports on the hub allow me to connect other Celestron accessories, such as the Wifi or GPS modules, to my Skywatcher/Orion mount?

      With the celestron accessory hub you can attach the mentioned accessoires for imporved telescope perfomrance. Feel free to reach out to us directly for specific information.