Celestron NexYZ DX Kit

Brand: Celestron

SKU : CE-81057

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  • NexYZ connects your smartphone to an eyepiece (1.25" or 2") while the Bluetooth shutter release button gives you a clear, steady shot every time!
  • Both devices in the kit are compatible with virtually every smartphone, including the latest from Apple, Google, and Samsung
  • Innovative three-axis adjustment, giving you precision and sturdiness
  • Smartphone and optical devices shown are for demonstration purposes only and are not included

Product Details

  • NexYZ DX Kit

    Get ahold of the new NexYZ kit for your first taste of astroimaging or digiscoping! You'll be able to capture crisp, detailed images and video with the NexYZ smartphone adapter and Bluetooth shutter release remote.

    NexYZ Smartphone Adapter

    You can use the NexYZ on any eyepiece from 35 mm to 60 mm in diameter, including telescopes with 1.25" or 2" eyepieces, spotting scopes, monoculars, and binoculars. It can also be attached to microscopes, with the addition of an included adapter ring. This ring will reduce the usable diameter down to 25 mm, which is the size of a standard microscope eyepiece. The NexYZ DX Kit can be used with a large swath of different smartphones, including the larger "phablets", such as the iPhone 8+ and the latest Samsung Galaxy devices. The phone clamp range is from 65 mm (2.55") to 90 mm (3.54"). The platform the phone will be set on is fully adjustable and can fit any device - usually with the case still on! The NexYZ is fitted with a super strong metal spring and threaded twist lock, meaning it will be able to withstand the heavier devices with ease. You can even create a customized, secure connection by tightening the tension on each axis. Simply read through the NexYZ Tension Adjustment Guide for assistance.

    Bluetooth Shutter Release Remote

    Included in the NexYZ DX Kit is a Bluetooth shutter release remote, which gives you the opportunity to snap your image on any Android or iOS smartphone without fiddling around with the device's screen or buttons. This will eliminate any blurriness in your images that are caused by your phone or optical device shaking due to pressure from pressing the phone's shutter manually. Pairing your Bluetooth remote to your smartphone for the first time is a breeze, just check out the detailed instructions in the Quick Setup Guide.

    More Amazing Features

    The feature that really sets the NexYZ apart from other smartphone adapters is the three-axis adjustment. Whereas most adapters only offer 2-axes adjustment and rely on you placing your phone perfectly on the platform, the NexYZ is much more user-friendly. You can easily place your phone right on the platform, center it over the eyepiece with the X and Y knobs, and then move up or down over the eyepiece until your shot contains your entire field of view.

    While the adjustment on the NexYZ is extremely precise, it is still much faster and simpler than with other adapters, taking about 30 seconds. This includes the time it takes to place the phone into the NexYZ, attach the NexYZ to your eyepiece, start the camera app, and center the camera over the eyepiece. And just like that, you'll be ready to snap some impressive pictures of your favorite star cluster, mountain landscape, or aviary target!

    Say you bring the NexYZ to a star party or distant sporting event where multiple people want to capture a shot with their devices through your optic... is this doable or will it require lots of set up? The NexYZ can absolutely accommodate this, since you will only need to make slight adjustments to re-center the camera over the eyepiece! NexYZ's spring-loaded clamps make it super easy to remove one device and replace it with another. It's also really nice if you want to switch eyepieces or optical instruments while you're out in the field. The NexYZ will allow you to switch your image from portrait to landscape by quickly turning the padded eyepiece clamp and readjusting the X-, Y- and Z-axis to realign your phone with the eyepiece. Couldn't be any easier!

    NOTE: NexYZ does not fit riflescopes. It will work with most phone cases, but if you have a larger phone case with built-in batteries, you will need to remove it.

  • specifications

    Battery TypeCR2032
    Free ShippingYes
    Weight0.6 lbs
  • included items

    • NexYZ Adapter
    • Bluetooth Shutter Release Remote
    • 2 Adapters for Microscope Eyepieces
    • CR-2032 Battery

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