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Celestron Labs CB2000C - Compound Binocular Microscope

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  • A Professional-grade Compound Microscope
  • Binocular View, with a Trinocular Tube Adapter
  • Take pictures while you view directly!
  • 10x and 20x Eyepieces (10x with Pointer)
  • 4 Achromatic Objective Lenses
  • All-Metal Construction



Celestron Labs CB2000C - Compound Binocular Microscope

The Celestron Labs CB2000C Compound Binocular Microscope offers a range of magnification powers between 40x and 2000X max to help the viewer get the most out of their observation. This microscope achieves high-quality results with the help of the included accessories like eyepieces(10x and 20x powers), four achromatic objective lenses(4x, 10x, 40x, 100x), excellent lower illumination as a result of halogen light assisted by an  Abbe condenser and an iris diaphragm.

The CB2000C binocular microscope is constructed with a full metal body that makes a long lasting and durable product.

You can view your chosen specimens at 40x, 80x, 100x, 200x, 400x, 800x, 1000x, and 2000x magnifications.

This microscope was built with all-metal construction.  It has a fully mechanical stage with knobs to control both axes for easy centering of your slides.  The coaxial focus has both coarse and fine focusing knobs (large and small).  

Specimens are lit with the built-in, adjustable halogen lower illuminator, an Abbe condenser (to concentrate and control the light that passes through the specimen prior to entering the objective), and an iris diaphragm (which controls the amount of light reaching the specimen-located above the condenser and below the stage).

The Trinocular Eyepiece Tube Adapter allows for a camera to be used or for a secondary viewing eyepiece to be available.


OPT Product Number: CE-44132


Dimensions9.75 in x 7.3 in x 14.25 in
Free ShippingYes
Head Angle45 degrees
Included Eyepieces10X and 20X
Maximum Magnification2000x
Microscope TypeOptical Microscope
Minimum Magnification40X
Objectives Included10X & 40X & 4X
Power TypeAC plug
Stage5.5 in x 5.5 in/ Mechanical Metal Clip and Frame Holder
Tabletop or Hand HeldTabletop
Viewer TypeBinocular/Stereo
Warranty2 Year Warranty


  • Celestron Labs CB2000C Compound Microscope
  • Binocular Head with 45-degree incline
  • Abbe NA 1.25 Condenser
  • Iris Diaphragm
  • Lower Halogen Illuminator, adjustable
  • Eyepiece #1: WF 10x mag. with pointer
  • Eyepiece #2: WF 20x mag.
  • Four Achromatic Objective Lens: 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x, on a quad click rotating objective turret
  • Mechanical Stage: 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches (140 mm x 140 mm)
  • Three Colored Filters: Red, Blue, Yellow
  • Trinocular Eyepiece Tube Adapter
  • AC Power Plug (110-240V)
  • 10 Prepared Slides in a hard slide-case
  • Small Bottle of Immersion Oil
  • Link: Celestron Labs CB2000C Manual  
  • 2 Year Warranty