Celestron Focus Motor A -for SCT and EdgeHD Telescopes

  • Enables electronic focusing. 
  • Self-powering.
  • Compatible with most Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain, EdgeHD, and Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph optical tubes.
  • Motor controls include multiple speed rates, automatic GoTo indexed focuser position, and focuser backlash compensation.
  • Focuser Utility software.
  • Enables auto-focusing with a camera and third-party software via ASCOM.
  • Indexed focus position.


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Celestron Focus Motor A -for SCT and EdgeHD Telescopes

This Focus Motor is designed for Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain (SCT) and EdgeHD telescope optical tube assemblies.

When this focus motor is installed, you will be able to bring celestial objects into sharp, precise focus using your telescope's hand controller or a computer instead of using the focuser knob.

A focus motor is great for visual observers who want to dial in exact focus (especially those with dexterity issues), and a must-have accessory for astro-imagers. With a motorized focuser installed, an astro-imager no longer needs to be physically near the telescope to focus an image. Combined with computerized control of the mount and camera, the focus motor enables the imager to gather data remotely from a telescope right outdoors or one located in a remote observatory where they have control.

As an added bonus, port covers protect the ports while they are not in use, and the covers cannot be lost due to a tethered design.

Compatible Optical TubesCelestron Focus Motor -for SCT and EdgeHD Telescopes-BACK

The focus motor is compatible with:
  • SCTs from 6-inch to 14-inch in aperture that have been produced since the year 2006.
  • 8-inch Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA).
  • 36 cm RASA.
  • 7-inch Maksutov-Cassegrain.
  • All of the EdgeHD optical tubes (Now including the 9.25-inch).
  • 11-inch RASA - but requires the Focuser Retrofit Kit.   

 It is not compatible with:

  • 5-inch SCTs or older models.
  • For 6-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes only - the Off-Axis Guider (#93648) cannot be used when the focus motor is installed due to mechanical interferences.


Power Options

There are three options for powering your Celestron Focus Motor:
  • When using a Celestron computerized mount, you can power and control the focus motor through the mount using the supplied AUX cable. This allows control from the mount’s hand controller (NexStar+ or StarSense) or a computer.
  • If you are not using a Celestron mount, you can power and control the focus motor from a computer USB port. You will need a user-supplied USB A-to-B cable.
  • You may also opt to use an external 12V DC power source which plugs into the motor’s power jack. Compatible Software Celestron offers a free Focuser Utility program for computer control. The Celestron PWI software can also control the focus motor. To use third-party focuser control software, an ASCOM driver is needed.



AUX Port PowerCelestron computerized mount AUX port/ connecting cable supplied
CD Jack Power12V DC 1A/ 5.5mm/ 2.1 mm tip positive plug
Focuser ShaftCoupler/ Aluminum clamping sleeve
Focuser Steps per Revolution1000 steps
Free ShippingYes
Gear Diameter35.2mm
Gear Ratio1:1
Gear Teeth42
Gear TypeSpur/ Brass
MicroprocessorNXP Kinetics serice/ Arm coretex~M4 core
Motor Speed Rates8/32/ and 128 degrees per second
Motor TypeDC servo motor
USB Port PowerUSB3 or USB2 with at lease 900 mA
Weight15 ounces (0.42 kg)


.Celestron Focus Motor -for SCT and EdgeHD Telescopes-8-INCLUDED 

  • Motor:  DC servo motor.
  • Spur gears:  Brass, 1:1 gear ratio, 35.2 mm diameter, 42 teeth.
  • Focuser shaft coupler:  Aluminum clamping sleeve.
  • Microprocessor:  NXP Kinetis series, Arm Coretex-M4 core.
  • AUX port power:  Powered by Celestron computerized mount AUX port, connecting cable supplied.
  • USB port power:  USB3 or USB2 providing at least 900 mA.
  • DC jack power:  12V DC, 1A, 5.5 mm/ 2.1 mm tip positive plug.


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Jeff P.
United States United States
A nice addon

I put this on my Nexstar 6SE. Fairly easy to install. I got it the first time. Fairly quiet. The real benefit is using it on a Celestron mount which supplies the power and a hand control for focusing manually if you do not want to be tied to a PC. In stock and prompt shipping from OPT!

Matthew H.
United States United States
Perfect for Celestron SCT

Now that celestron has modified the design slightly, it actually fits on my 9.25 edge. The original was a couple MM too large and had to be sent back. This is a solid and verges to install focus motor and works fine with Ascom drivers or their own software. Installation was under 5 minutes, msot of which was just reading the instructions. If you own a Celestron SCT, this is a solid and affordable focuser.

Robert J.
United States United States
Easy to install

Very hard to find information on how to operate it. Now no problems, Thanks

Kim B.
United States United States
Celestron Motor Focus

The focus is adjusted smoothly. I like the movement very much. Worth $ 200

United States United States
Celestron Focus Motor A -for SCT and EdgeHD Telescopes

The equipment arrived on time and in good condition. When installed, however, at first it didn't work and I even thought it was broken. Already in the calibration step with the manual control he looked literally dead. Visiting astronomy blogs, I found some tips on how to try to correct this problem. The question, however, was far more prosaic. It turned out that the focus course of my telescope was at its end and so the engine couldn't work. I removed the equipment, twirled the focus of my telescope manually, and reinstalled the equipment. From that moment on, everything started to work normally. Calibration was successful and I am already getting super precise focus with my telescope, a Celestron CPC 11 Hedge Deluxe.

marvin s.
United States United States
Celestron Focus Motor A with Celestron 9.25 HD

The new Focus Motor A now compatible with the 9.25 HD OTA arrived promptly from OPT. The revised motor housing fit OK next to my 0.7 focal reducer, but the clearance was only about 1 mm -- very close, but seems to work. I had to use a separate power supply to provide sufficient current to run the motor. My powered USB3 hub was not enough, nor was a direct connect to my laptop with USB3. Otherwise, the unit preformed well and I was able to calibrate and operate from SGP.