Celestron Eclipsmart Solar Filter - 6" SCT

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  • 6 Inch EclipSmart Solar Filter
  • ISO Compliant
  • Fits SCT and EdgeHD 6 Inch Telescopes
  • Include Velcro Straps and Adhesive Pads
  • Watch the Daily Surface Spots and Filaments Show



Celestron Eclipsmart Solar Filter - 6" SCT

This White Light Solar Filter was designed to efficiently and easily turn any 6" Celestron SCT into a high-quality solar observation or imaging models, providing a safe and efficient way for your pre-existing nighttime telescope to become a top-notch solar instrument! With six Nylon safety screws meant to enable a safe, snug fit for the filter against the telescope's lens cap, this filter is secure and firm when in use, doubly ensuring safety by making sure that the filter will stay attached when in use. Every single EclipSmart product from Celestron has been guaranteed by Celestron to strictly adhere to ISO certification standards, which means that they are guaranteed to fall within the legal safety parameters for an object designed to view the sun.

The Solar Safe Film was produced in the USA by American Paper Optics, one of the suppliers recommended by NASA for safe solar viewing. This film fully meets ISO 12312-2, Safe Viewing of the Sun, when used in accordance with solar-safe instructions.

Just attach the EclipSmart Solar Filter to your 6" Celestron SCT Telescope, and you'll have a safe, fun, and efficient way of viewing the sun, without any need to buy a new telescope or abandon your 6" Celestron SCT. Open up new dimensions of astronomy with just a simple filter on the front of your scope!

Note: Even with the safety and well designed, sturdy nature of this filter in mind, please take care when using any kind of object to view the sun, and be sure to check for any level of damage to the filter before viewing to avoid any possible risk of damage. The filter is highly durable and well protected by the design, but due caution should always be taken with any solar astronomy device.

OPT Product Number: CE-94243



Filter MaterialCelestron proprietary Mylar filter
Filter Thickness0.24mm
Free ShippingYes


  • 6 Inch EclipSmart Solar Filter
  • 2 Safety Velcro Straps
  • 4 Self-Adhesive Velcro Pads
  • 2 Year Warranty



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  • This item fits a Astro Master LT 76AZ?

    No, the selected filter is too large for your scope. Please check the solar filter cheat sheet for a better option: https://www.optcorp.com/solar-equipment/solar-cheat-sheat.html.