Celestron CGX-L Equatorial 9.25" EdgeHD Telescope Bundle - CE-12075

  • To properly power this product, you will need the AC adapter listed in the recommended items below.
  • 9.25-inch Corrected Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope.
  • CGX-L Mount.
  • CGX-L Tripod with Adjustable Steel Legs.
  • Coma Free and Flatter Fields.
  • Tracks 20 Degrees Past the Meridian.
  • Programmable NexStar+ Hand Controller.
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Celestron CGX-L Equatorial 9.25" EdgeHD Telescope Bundle - CE-12075

The Celestron CGX-L Mount's performance combined with premium EdgeHD performance not only creates rounder, more pleasing stars but actually improves the resolution and limiting magnitude when compared to telescopes of equal aperture.

For objects near the Meridian (imaginary line passing from North to South), the Celestron CGX-L mount will track a full 20 degrees past the Meridian for uninterrupted imaging through the most ideal part of the sky. The CGX-L mount has a robust database with over 40,000 objects, utilizing a top-quality NexStar hand controller.

When it comes to the Celestron HD series coupled with Celestron's StarBright XLT coating group on every surface, EdgeHD optics gives you maximum light throughput across the widest visual and photographic spectrum. It's a vision you'll never forget.

Features of the Celestron CGX-L 925 EdgeHD Telescope

  • Integrated handles for easy transport and portability.
  • All-new ergonomically designed dovetail clamping knobs.
  • Innovative and improved polar alignment adjustment system.
  • All-new ergonomic adjustment knobs with reduced friction for smooth and easy positioning under full loads.
  • Stationary latitude knob with a linkage system greatly reduces the amount of friction when polar aligning the mount.
  • Its Azimuth adjustment with low-friction Teflon bearings makes adjustments easy under full load. No more binding, rough adjustments!
  • Better cable management provided by its internal cabling system.
  • Easy to read latitude scale.
  • Reduced backlash and improved stability.

Mechanical Features

  • NexStar+ hand control with USB port.
  • USB 2.0 port used to connect directly to PC with PWI Software.
  • 2 available autoguider ports for optimum cable management.
  • PEC sensor and PPEC ready.
  • Threaded 12VDC power input barrel connector.
  • Internal Real Time Clock (keeps time and site information saved).
  • On/Off rocker switch with a red LED.


Included Technology

All-Star Polar Alignment

Get ready for a night of astroimaging with your mount faster than previously thought possible with All-Star Polar Alignment. This innovative software solves the time-consuming problem of trying to pinpoint the North Celestial Pole.

EdgeHD Optics

Celestron’s aplanatic EdgeHD optics revolutionized astroimaging. This award-winning optical system reduces visual defects like field curvature and coma, creating an ultra-flat field for pinpoint stars all the way to the edge of today’s largest imaging sensors.

Compatible Technology


The new Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry has significant advantages over other battery chemistries, great for those Astronomers on the go.

Starsense Technology

Celestron’s patented StarSense Technology makes it easier than ever to locate objects in the night sky, even if you’ve never used a telescope before. Turn it on and push ‘Align.’ In about three minutes, you’re ready to observe!


WiFi technology encircles the globe in a web of connectivity, knowledge, and information. Now, Celestron is using that same technology to allow stargazers to connect to the night sky and enhance their experience of the cosmos in fun and unique ways.


AP 253mm)
Aperture234.95 mm (9.25")
Back Focus146.05mm
Camera/Eyepiece Connection3.29”x16 tpi
Corrected Image Circle42mm
Dawes Limit0.49 arcseconds
Dew Shield Size262mm
FL 2499mm
Focal Length2350 mm
Focal Ratiof/10
FR f/11
Free ShippingYes
Head DesignEquatorial
Highest Magnification469.9x
Instrument Capacity75 lbs
Latitude Range3 to 56 Degrees
Light Gathering Power1127x
Limiting Magnitude15.6
Mount Head Weight52.6lbs
Optical DesignModified SCT
PortsAutoguide Port
PortsHand Controller
PortsUSB 2.0
Power Consumption12V 2.5A max
Secondary Obstruction85mm
Slew Speed4 Degrees Per Second
Telescope ConnectionDual Vixen & Losmandy
Tracking ModesEQ North
Tracking ModesEQ South
Tracking RatesLunar
Tracking RatesSidereal
Tube Diameter262mm
Tube Length559mm
Tube Weight21 lbs
Warranty2 Year Warranty
Worm Wheel Diameter114mm


  • 9.25-inch Corrected Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA.
  • CGX-L Mount.
  • CGX-L Heavy Duty Tripod with Adjustable Steel Legs.
  • Accessory Tray.
  • NexStar+ Hand Controller.
  • 9x50 Optical Finder.
  • 2-inch Star Diagonal.
  • 2-inch Luminos Eyepiece, 23 mm, wide-angle.
  • 1 Counterweight, 22 pounds.
  • DC Power Cable, Cigarette Light Adapter.
  • NexRemote CD ROM Software.
  • 2 Year Warranty.