Celestron CGX Computerized German Equatorial Telescope Mount

  • The CGX Offers Versatility for Portable Setups and Observatory Use.
  • 55-lb Weight Capacity.
  • NexStar+ Computer Hand Controller.
  • 40,000 Object Library.
  • Guided Tours and Custom Object Filters.
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Celestron CGX Computerized German Equatorial Telescope Mount


The Celestron CGX Computerized German Equatorial Telescope Mount is designed to better support your telescope for both visual observing and astro-imaging. This mount can accurately track with astrophotography systems of up to 55 lb, making it a perfect upgrade to a larger OTA!

Optimize your Equipment with the Celestron CGX Computerized EQ Mount

Celestron CGX Belt Transfer

Heavy-Duty Belt Transfer

A lot of mounts today use spur gears to transfer rotational motion from the motors to the worm wheels. The problem with spur gears is that there is an internment amount play between the teeth of the gears. This play introduces mechanical backlash and thus hinders tracking performance, especially when autoguiding. By using a belt transfer, backlash virtually disappears and tracking accuracy is greatly improved.

Celestron CGX Internal Cabling

Internal Cabling

Cable management can get messy. Where some telescope mounts can get caught on their own cables and ruin a night of observing, the CGX avoids this entirely. The cables that connect the RA and Declination motor to the motor control are all wired inside of the mount.

Directly connect the mount to a computer with its USB 2.0 B-type located on the rear.

Celestron CGX Mechanical Hard Stops

Mechanical Hard Stops

The mechanical hard stop will prevent injury to you and/or your telescope. You will never have to worry about having your optical tube running into your tripod legs or swinging into the mount because of a loose clutch.

Celestron CGX Homing & Limit Sensors

Homing Sensors

Homing sensors in a mount is an awesome feature to have in an observatory setting. If power is lost throughout the night, you can "home" the mount and resync on the home position rather than creating an entirely new pointing model.

It also makes a great position to park the telescope after a night of imaging. The next night you want to observe, turn the mount on and sync.

Celestron CGX Dual Saddle

Dual Dovetail Saddle

Swapping telescopes is now a breeze! Smaller telescopes often use the lighter less expensive Vixen-style dovetail bar and the Larger telescope is often equiped with the wider Losmandy style dovetail bar for its sturdiness. The new Saddle on this mount clamps down on both types of dovetails.

The knobs also on this saddle have been improved to allow you to really torque down on a dovetail bar without the use of special tools.

Celestron CGX Tripod

Improved Tripod

The Celestron tripod was completely redesigned. It has a wider stance that keeps a lower center of gravity to reduce vibrations. Each Leg has line-height markings which makes it quick and easy to set your tripod to the right height.

The accessory tray has been redesigned as well. It was reshaped so it can now remain attached when the tripod is folded up. The tray now holds three 1.25-inch eyepieces, one 2-inch eyepiece, and one smartphone.

Celestron CGX Carry Handles

Ergonomic Carry Handles

Just look at that picture! Why can't every mount be that easy to carry? These handles really speed up the setup and breakdown times for an astronomer who is on the go. No longer will you have to awkwardly lug around the mount head or have trouble centering it over the top the tripod.

Celestron CGX Latitude Adjustment

All New Altitude Adjuster

Other EQ mounts, including the CGX's predecessor, the CGEM, are difficult and uncomfortable to polar align when a mounted telescope is mounted to it. Taking the telescope off the mount would be easier, but would give you a very inaccurate polar alignment once you put an OTA on it. Celestron addressed this by using an armature that rides on ACME threaded rod. This allows you to easily adjust the mount with one hand under load!

Celestron PWI Telescope Control Software

Celestron PWI Telescope Control Software

Celestron and Planewave Instruments have teamed up to develop a complete planetarium/mount control software. This program unleashes the full pointing accuracy potential of the CGX.

PWI employs PointXP mount modeling, which accepts numerous star alignment points for the best possible accuracy. PointXP (also used in StarSense AutoAlign accessory) goes beyond the pointing capability of a traditional hand control. By adding multiple star alignment points, PWI accounts for various types of alignment errors, including instrument flexure.

With a direct USB connection from your PC to the USB port on the mount, PWI’s Sky Viewer display makes for easy target selection or finding your favorite deep-sky object in PWI’s extensive object database.

Included Technology

All-Star Polar Alignment

Get ready for a night of astroimaging with your mount faster than previously thought possible with All-Star Polar Alignment. This innovative software solves the time-consuming problem of trying to pinpoint the North Celestial Pole.

Compatible Technology


The new Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry has significant advantages over other battery chemistries, great for those Astronomers on the go.

Starsense Technology

Celestron’s patented StarSense Technology makes it easier than ever to locate objects in the night sky, even if you’ve never used a telescope before. Turn it on and push ‘Align.’ In about three minutes, you’re ready to observe!


WiFi technology encircles the globe in a web of connectivity, knowledge, and information. Now, Celestron is using that same technology to allow stargazers to connect to the night sky and enhance their experience of the cosmos in fun and unique ways.


Free ShippingYes
Head DesignGerman Equatorial
Instrument Capacity55 lbs
Latitude Range3 to 65 Degrees
Mount Head Weight44lbs
PortsAutoguide Port
PortsHand Controller
PortsUSB 2.0
Power Consumption12V 5A max
Slew Speed5 Degrees Per Second
Telescope ConnectionDual Vixen & Losmandy
Tracking ModesEQ North
Tracking ModesEQ South
Tracking RatesLunar
Tracking RatesSidereal
Warranty2 Year Warranty


  • CGX Tripod|Accessory Tray.
  • 2 x 11 lbs counterweights.
  • NexStar+ Hand Controler.
  • DC Power Cable (plugs into cigarette lighter socket).


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Ismael R.
United States United States

CGX Mount ease of use

Great product for amateur astronomers interested in astrophotography.. I love the ease of use and improved technology over earlier mounts. The remote control features work very well.

kurtis m.
United States United States

Great Mount

I owned the CGEM FOR 10 YEARS, Moved up the CGX, awesome quality, seems lighter than the CEM as well ! Easy to move. Have not fully used it to guide an entire evening yet. Just rough testing. But everything so far is great ! Glad I stayed with Celestron

Aaron S.
United States United States

Worth Every Penny

Amazing piece of engineering, pin point pointing and autoguiding with the CPWI software.

Gary Q.
United States

Great Service

I had several questions about the equipment that were answered rapidly. All my issues were dealt with. It's a great mount. lot's to learn.

Michael S.
United States


Haven't used it yet. Waiting on clear skies.

United States

CGX mount

Better than expected. Wonderful. Strongly recommend