Celestron CGX 925 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope Bundle - CE-12051

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  • All-Star system allows you to choose any bright star from the NexStar hand control, while the software calculates and assists with polar alignment.
  • 235 mm (9.25-inch) Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope
  • StarBright XLT Optical Coatings
  • Tracks 20 degrees past the meridian
  • Programmable PPEC
  • Clear Window gear covers

Product Details


    The Celestron CGX 925 SCT Telescope is a 235 mm (9.25-inch) Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope on a CGX Mount and is capable of gathering 1127X more light than the human eye. It has a precise f/10 optics that offers an incredible 0.49 arc seconds of resolution spread out over a 0.53-degree angular field of view. With a limiting magnitude factor of 14 and a practical magnification limit of 555X, it delivers remarkable planetary and lunar views.

    When sky permits, you can expect to see details like delicate divisions in Saturn's ring structure, details on Mars, and follow Jupiter events, (like shadow transits and Great Red Spot appearances,) with ease. Star clusters will transform into well-resolved facets, galaxies will take on structure, and difficult double stars will yield their companions. With a low-end magnification limit of 34X, just add a wide field eyepiece, or open both eyes wide with Celestron Stereo Binocular Viewers, and enjoy panoramic vistas of extended nebulae and sweep the heavens for every last photon!

    Celestron CGX 925 SCT Features

    • Large Altitude and Azimuth adjustment knobs for quick and easy procedures and adjustments.
    • All-Star system allows you to choose any bright star from the NexStar hand control, while the software calculates and assists with polar alignment.
    • The CGX-925 database will provide over 40,000 objects, 100 user-defined programmable objects and enhanced information on over 200 objects for your celestial viewing pleasure.
    • The CGX is simply more responsive, with spring-loaded worm gears and belt drives that minimize backlash. Internal cabling means power and accessory ports do not move with the mount, and there are also home and limit switches, as well as internal hard stops for both RA and Dec to prevent cable wrap and tripod strike.
    • A clear window built into the motor covers, letting you keep an eye on the pulleys and belts.

    CGX 925 SPECS 

    • Focal Length of Eyepiece: 25 mm (.98 inches).
    • Magnification of Eyepiece: 94x.
    • Finderscope: 6x30.
    • Star Diagonal: 1.25-inch Star Diagonal.
    • Optical Tube: Aluminum.
    • Lowest Useful Magnification: 34x.
    • Resolution (Rayleigh): 0.59 arc seconds.
    • Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Diameter: 36%.
    • Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area: 13%.
    • Optical Coatings: StarBright XLT.
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      CGX Computerized Equatorial Mount Features 

      • All-new design. Sturdier and more rigid with quicker dampening time.
      • Improved motors provide more torque, better slewing and tracking under heavy loads.
      • Heavy Duty belt-drive system minimizes backlash while providing smooth motor operation under heavy loads.
      • Spring-loaded brass worm wheel and stainless steel worm gear reduce friction and provide optimum gear mesh.
      • Internal cabling for worry-free remote operation. Power input and accessory ports remain stationary while the mount slews to avoid snags.
      • Internal hard stops for both axes prevents cable tension and tripod strike.
      • Internal optical sensors on both axes for simple and safe remote operation.
      • Home sensors allow the mount to always start in the index position regardless of orientation before a power reset.
      • Limit sensors automatically shut off slewing or tracking before reaching the hard stop fail-safe.
      • Celestron PWI developed in conjunction with PlaneWave Instruments for professional level control operation and imaging.
      • Software includes multi-point mount modeling for extremely precise pointing accuracy and many more additional features for remote astro-imaging.
      • Wider tripod stance for improved stability. 


      • Height adjustment range (includes mount and tripod): 1200.15 - 1968.5 mm (47.25 - 77.5 inches).
      • Tripod Leg Diameter: 50.8 mm (2-inch) Steel tripod with graduated markings on the lower section.
      • Accessory Tray: Yes.
      • Tripod Weight: 19.2 pounds (8.7 kg).
      • Weight of Counterweights: 2 x 11 pounds.
      • Slew Speeds: 9 slew speeds
      • Tracking Rates: Sidereal, Solar and Lunar.
      • Dovetail Compatibility: Dual saddle plates (Vixen and CGE saddle).
      • Motor Drive: Low cog DC servo motors.
      • Alignment Procedures: 2-Star Align, Quick Align, 1-Star Align, Last Alignment, Solar System Align.
      • Computer Hand Control: Double line, 16 character Liquid Crystal Display; 19 fiber optic backlit LED buttons, USB 2.0 port for PC connection.
      • Database: 40,000+ objects, 100 user-defined programmable objects. Enhanced information on over 200 objects.
      • Software: PWI Telescope Control Software, Starry Night Special Edition.
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    • specifications

      Aperture234.95 mm (9.25")
      Camera/Eyepiece Connection24 tpi
      Dawes Limit0.49 arcseconds
      Focal Length2350 mm
      Focal Ratiof/10
      Free ShippingYes
      Head DesignEquatorial
      Highest Magnification469.9x
      Instrument Capacity55 lbs
      Latitude Range3 to 65 Degrees
      Light Gathering Power1127x
      Limiting Magnitude15.6
      Mount Head Weight44lbs
      Optical DesignSCT
      PortsAutoguide Port
      PortsHand Controller
      PortsUSB 2.0
      Power Consumption12V 5A max
      Secondary Obstruction85mm
      Slew Speed5 Degrees Per Second
      Telescope ConnectionDual Vixen & Losmandy
      Tracking RatesLunar
      Tracking RatesSidereal
      Tube Diameter262mm
      Tube Length559mm
      Tube Weight20 lbs
      Warranty2 Year Warranty
    • included items

      • 9.25-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA
      • CGX Mount
      • Tripod with Adjustable 2-inch Steel Legs
      • Accessory Tray
      • 6x30 Optical Finder
      • 1.25-inch Star Diagonal
      • 1.25-inch 25 mm Eyepiece
      • NexStar+ Hand Controller
      • 2 counterweights, 11 pounds each
      • DC Power Cable/ Cigarette lighter adapter
      • NexRemote CD ROM Software
      • 2 Year Warranty

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