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Celestron Advanced VX 6" Refractor Telescope

SKU : CE-22020

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  • NEW dual saddle plate compatible with both narrow CG-5 dovetails and larger CGE dovetails.
  • High contrast views of planets and bright deep-sky objects.
  • 2-inch Focuser includes a 1.25-inch adapter.
  • Uninterrupted views across the meridian.
  • It can be used between 7 and 77 degrees latitude.
  • NexStar+ Hand Controller/ multiple language programming.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The manufacturer has stated this mount unable to accept D-Style (Losmandy style) dovetail plates.


Product Details

  • The Advanced VX equatorial mount from Celestron is engineered from the ground up with astro-imaging in mind and sets a new standard in mid-level telescopes on the market today. The Celestron Advanced VX provides you with many of the features found on sophisticated German equatorial mounts, at an extremely affordable price.

    The Celestron Advanced VX equatorial mount is specifically designed to provide optimum imaging performance for telescopes that weigh 30 lb or less. With the 6-inch Advanced VX, you'll be able to track through long exposures using permanently programmable periodic error correction, or image across the meridian without doing a meridian flip. 

    Take this portable mount to a dark sky site and experience the same quality as a larger stationary mount! 

    Celestron Advanced VX 6-inch Refractor Telescope Product Highlights 

    • Celestron's 6-inch f/8 Refractor yields high contrast views of the planets and bright deep-sky objects.
    • The 2-inch rack and pinion focuser comes with a 1.25-inch adapter, allowing the use of both 2-inch and 1.25-inch accessories.
    • Integer gear ratios and permanently programmable Periodic Error Correction on the Celestron Advanced VX mount eliminates recurring track errors from the worm gear.
    • The motors of the VX mount offer improved tracking performance - provide more power to overcome load imbalances.
    • The updated industrial design of the Advanced VX offers more rigidity, less flexure, and improved aesthetics.
    • The Celestron VX design allows viewing or imaging across the meridian without interference from the motors housings.
    • The Advanced VX mount can be used between 7 and 77 degrees latitude, incorporating a much larger latitudinal range than normally seen on equatorial mounts.
    • The improved electronics on the Advanced VX contain increased memory for future expansion.
    • A Celestron NexStar+ hand control offers multiple language programming (English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish).
    • All-Star Polar Alignment and auto guider support.

    More About Celestron's Optical Tube Assembly

    The Celestron 6-inch f/8 achromatic refractor is a sight to behold. The telescope itself is glossy black, and while your skies may not be glossy, they will be black as night when you gaze through your Celestron 6-inch refractor. Enjoy high-contrast views when you choose a refractor as your optical weapon of choice. Unlike other optical designs, like a Newtonian or Schmidt-Cassegrain, the refractor has no secondary mirror obstruction. This feature results in brighter views per inch of aperture, as well as higher contrast. The optical tube assembly comes with a 2-inch rack and pinion focuser with 1.25-inch adapter, as well as a 9 x 50 finder to help you find your way. 

  • specifications

    Aperture150 mm (6")
    Camera/Eyepiece Connection2" to 24 tpi
    Dawes Limit0.77 arcseconds
    Drive TypeLow cog DC servo motors
    Focal Length1200 mm
    Focal Ratiof/8
    Free ShippingYes
    Head DesignEquatorial
    Highest Magnification300x
    Instrument Capacity30 lbs
    Latitude Range7 to 77 Degrees
    Light Gathering Power459x
    Limiting Magnitude14.6
    Mount Head Weight17lbs
    Optical DesignDoublet Refractor
    Optical DesignNewtonian
    PortsAutoguide Port
    PortsHand Controller
    PortsUSB 2.0
    Power Consumption12V DC 3.5A
    Secondary Obstruction45mm
    Slew Speed4 Degrees Per Second
    Telescope ConnectionDual Vixen & CGE
    Total Weight47 lbs
    Tracking RatesLunar
    Tracking RatesSidereal
    Tracking RatesSolar
    Tripod Weight18 lbs
    Tube Diameter226mm
    Tube Length406mm
  • included items

    • 6-inch Achromatic Refractor OTA.
    • VX Advanced Mount.
    • Tripod with adjustable 2-inch steel legs.
    • Accessory Tray.
    • 20 mm Plossl Eyepiece.
    • 9 x 50 Optical Finder.
    • Car battery adapter/ DC Cigarette Lighter Adapter.
    • 2 Counterweights, 11 lb each.
    • NexStar+ Hand Controller.
    • 2 Year Warranty.


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    Big S.
    United States United States

    Improvements Made

    Out of the box, this is a decent 6" achromat refractor with issues that can be corrected. The mount is adequate for visual use. However, the stock scope is very front heavy, which causes the balance point to make the eyepiece height too low for comfortable viewing. Also, the stock focuser is a cheaply made rack and pinion design with a lot of wiggle. I added a Moonlite Crayford focuser to correct the stock focuser issues, a reflex sight to the rear of the main tube, a 2" quartz diagonal and a 2" minus violet filter. These improvements help correct the front-heavy and sloppy focuser issues to make this into a quite nice achromat refractor for visual use.

    Mexico Mexico

    Excellent for enthusiastic biginners

    I have a newton comet f/4 manual cestrone. But will like this better

    Kurtis H.
    United States

    Celestron 6" Refractor Advanced VX Telescope

    I am very pleased with this telescope. Sharpness and contrast were far better than I expected. I was able to set up my new telescope and balance it in just over half an hour. I did not have power for the mount at set up so I can't speak on ease of alignment, but the mount and tripod are rock steady. I was easily able to keep Jupiter centered while focusing. Bands and the GRS were clearly visible. Now that I have power for the Advanced VX mount I am looking forward to a clear night of viewing and perhaps a few photos.

    Kurtis H.

    Celestron 6" Refractor Advanced VX Telescope

    I recently decided to resume my childhood astronomy hobby but I was undecided on what telescope to purchase. I researched through dozens of telescope reviews, expert comments, and the opinions of friends. I finally decided to go with a refractor and chose this telescope because, well, who wouldn't want a 6" refractor telescope?! It only took about 45 minutes to unbox it and get it set up on the mount, including getting it balanced. I don't have power for the mount yet so my review is for the telescope only. I took it outside to enjoy a beautiful clear sky before the clouds rolled in. Jupiter was the easy target. I had done the set up after dark so the finder scope was not aligned. No problem though, I pointed my brand new telescope towards Jupiter and much to my pleasure there was Jupiter not quite centered in my view. Focus was easy, and absolutely crisp. With the 20mm eyepiece (60x) the bands were easy to see as well as a beautiful string of moons on either side. I looked in random areas of sky just to see what I would find. Lots of pinpoint clear stars! As hoped there were no diffraction spikes and the contrast was awesome. When viewing Jupiter chromatic aberration was visible only because I was looking for it. If I had not known it could be present I never would have noticed. I definitely am pleased with this purchase. Just a brief note on the mount: rock steady! I could focus without having to deal with a shaky image from touching the scope.


    All that I Hoped for and More

    I purchased this lovely refractor for myself at the end of the summer with the intent of delving a bit into astrophotography. Though I've used computerized reflectors for sometime now, I wanted something different. I have been EXTREMELY pleased! The assistance I got from the salesperson at OPT was OUTSTANDING. Honestly, I could not have assembled all of what I need for what I want to do with my new scope without his help. He listened to what I wanted, recommended, then listened some more. What great customer service! I will admit that I initially struggled for several viewing sessions aligning the telescope with the Advanced Series GT ~ NextStar computer that comes with the mount. (Honestly it's more likely the operator not knowing her names of stars more than an issue with the program itself.) I later broke down and purchased the StarSense Camera to work with NextStar and totally LOVE it. I can be set up under non-optimal conditions such as in-town or at dusk and be ready to view in just minutes. The quality of the refractor is very sweet. I'm simply a beginner in photography, but I've taken some pretty good pics of the Moon and Sun (with the aid of a solar filter).