Celestron Aluminum Dew Shield & Cover Cap - 9.25"

Brand: Celestron

SKU : CE-94022

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  • Fits 9.25” Schmidt-Cassegrain and EdgeHD telescope tubes
  • Helps prevent dew formation on the Schmidt corrector lens
  • Prevents off-axis glare from entering the optical system
  • Rigid body with a velvet-lined interior surface to reduce stray light
  • Two adjustable clips for easy installation and disassembly
  • Cable management at the base of the shield—perfect for using the Fastar/Hyperstar configuration or
  • using in conjunction with the Celestron Dew Heater Rings
  • An included cover cap keeps your telescope free from dust when not in use

Product Details

  • The Celestron Aluminum Dew Shield with Cover Cap is an essential accessory that protects your telescope tube in the field. The dew shield reduces radiative cooling of the Schmidt corrector lens to the night sky, thus keeping the lens below the dew point longer preventing dew formation on the lens. Additionally, the Aluminum Dew Shield increases image contrast by blocking stray light from entering the telescope for better viewing and Astro imaging. Use the Aluminum Dew Shield on your 9.25” Schmidt Cassegrain and EdgeHD telescope tube confidently, knowing it was created for your exact instrument.


    The Aluminum Dew Shield provides a perfect, custom fit for 9.25” Celestron telescope tubes. The exterior of the dew shield is a rigid, aluminum cylinder that will not fold, flex, or deform. Inside, a velvet-lined interior absorbs any additional stray light and excess moisture, creating optimal contrast when viewing and imaging. Attach the dew shield to your telescope tube with the two adjustable clips to ensure a snug fit.

    The cover cap is also constructed from durable yet lightweight aluminum. When your telescope is not in use, place the cover cap on your dew shield to protect your Schmidt corrector from stray dust particles. The cover cap also offers you the ability to quickly and easily acquire dark frames for imaging.

    If you’re an Astro imager who enjoys using your Schmidt-Cassegrain or EdgeHD in the Fastar/Hyperstar configuration, you’re probably used to running cables out the front of the dew shield. Simplify and streamline your setup with the Aluminum Dew Shield’s integrated cable management slot at the base. This slot gives you an easy way to corral essential cables (like the ones for our Dew Heater rings) without potentially allowing light pollution to leak in. Also, there are cutouts to accommodate dovetail rails on the top and bottom of the telescope tube, ensuring a good fit regardless of the configuration.


    • Material: Aluminum with plastic attachment clips, interior velvet lined
    • Cover Cap: Aluminum - included
    • Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.18 kg)
    • Dimensions: 11" (279.4mm) diameter x 14.4" (365.76mm) long
    • Cable slot dimensions: 1.25" (31.75mm) wide x 1.5" (38.1mm) long
    • Cover cap weight: 12.8 oz (362.87 g)
  • included items

    • Celestron Aluminum Dew Shield & Cover Cap - 9.25"

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