Celestron 9.25" NexStar Evolution Computerized Telescope

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  • Celestron 9.25" NexStar Evolution Computerized Telescope

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    • 9.25-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain Computerized Telescope
    • StarBright XLT Optical Coatings
    • 10 Hour Internal Lithium-ion Battery
    • NexStar+ Hand Controller
    • Manual or Computerized Pointing
    • Ergonomic Handles and Knobs



    Celestron 9.25" NexStar Evolution Computerized Telescope


    The Celestron 9.25" NexStar Evolution Computerized Telescope is a part of the Nexstar Evolution series which is known to be one of the most user-friendly telescopes ever! Celestron engineers designed NexStar Evolution based on years of customer feedback. It offers many thoughtful design features that combine to provide you the best possible experience for beginners and more advanced telescope users alike. One of the best things about this telescope series is that there is no use for external power supply as it is built in. It comes with a lithium-ion battery so that you will be able to enjoy up to 10 hours of stargazing on a single charge. This series also comes with a USB charge port to top off the other devices in your life that need to stay powered on during an observing session.

    In the past, most large telescope systems have been difficult to set up and to move. The NexStar Evolution series is far from that with large, ergonomic handles that help you move it easily from place to place. Its set up is also easy enough for any beginner astronomer to understand. The steel tripod features leg etchings to help you achieve a level, uniform height for your telescope. Manual clutches in both altitude and azimuth offer greater flexibility to manually point the telescope when powered off. You will also be able to store up to 7 eyepieces in 2 accessory trays, one with an adjustable red LED illuminator.

    If you're interested in astroimaging, the 9.25" NexStar Evolution is an excellent, affordable way to get started. It's the only fork-mounted telescope in its price range that offers worm gears, along with improved motors. NexStar Evolution's tracking accuracy is so impressive, you can capture images of deep-sky objects like the Orion Nebula by simply attaching your DSLR camera. As you progress in the hobby of astroimaging, you can add our Pro HD Wedge to achieve longer exposures for more detailed astrophotos. Of course, the Schmidt-Cassegrain optical system offers bright, sharp views with StarBright XLT optical coatings - a great choice for visual observers and budding astroimagers alike.


    OPT Product Number: CE-12092

    Additional Information

    Aperture235 mm (9.25")
    Focal Ratiof/10
    Focuser StyleInternal Moving Primary
    Free ShippingYes
    Manual or Electronic FocusingManual
    Mount TypeAltAzimuth/ GoTo
    Optical CoatingsCelestron XLT
    Optical DesignSchmidt Cassegrain
    OTA Length22"
    OTA Mount TypeSingle Arm
    Telescope SeriesCelestron NexStar Evolution
    Tracking ModesLunar & Sidereal & Solar
    Warranty2 Year Warranty
    • 9.25-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA
    • Nexstar Evolution Mount
    • Tripod with Adjustable Stainless Steel Legs
    • 2 Accessory Trays
    • StarPointer Finderscope (Red Dot)
    • 13mm, 1.25-inch Plossl Eyepiece
    • 40mm, 1.25-inch Plossl Eyepiece
    • 1.25-inch Star Diagonal
    • 10 Hour Internal Lithium-ion Battery
    • AC wall adapter



    Questions & Answers

    Ask a Question
    • Does this package include: a) Go-To;  b) ability to move the scope manually without disengaging clutches; c) and to have it begin tracking the manually selected target automatically ?

      Yes! a) This is definitely a robotic, Go-To telescope. b) One has the ability to use the telescope's hand-controller to manually slew the telescope, without disengaging the clutches; yet, it is worth mentioning that the presence of the clutches in t

    • Does this package include: a) Go-To;  b) ability to move the scope manually without disengaging clutches; c) and to have it begin tracking the manually selected target automatically ?

      This has manual clutches which will allow you to move the telescope to a new position, but it better be close to the original GOTO slew, especially with an Alt-Azumuth configuration. At Alt Azumuth, the scope is going to try to track and make adjustments

    • Does this scope have a 2" barrel or is it limited to 1.25" eyepieces? 

      The Nexstar Evolution 925 includes a 1.25" diagonal, but like all of Celestron's 9.25" optical tubes it features a SCT-thread (2" 24-TPI) for connecting optional accessories... like a 2" diagonal. It will do well with 2" eyepieces, when appropriately

    • Does the hand controller come with the scope or is that a separate purchase. The Celestron site is a little unclear about that.

      According to Celestron, the Nexstar Plus hand controller is included when you purchase the telescope so this telescope can be controlled by iOS or Android mobile devices or the Nexstar Plus hand controller that is included with it.

    • Does the hand controller come with the scope or is that a separate purchase. The Celestron site is a little unclear about that.

      The Starizona site says that it is optional? I see nowhere on Celestron site that it is included.

    • Does the hand controller come with the scope or is that a separate purchase. The Celestron site is a little unclear about that.

      From the Celestron NexStar Evoultion 9.25 page: "NexStar Evolution is equipped with 4 auxiliary ports--2 on top of the fork and 2 on the bottom. A classic NexStar+ hand control is included, but is not necessary when using NexStar Evolution with the mobil

    • Could I use a Baader erct image prism and the baader binoviewers with this scope?

      You can definitely use that combination with a barlow lens in the image train. Without the barlow, you would have to check, but it will most likely work as the binoviewers would reach focus with a 90 degree diagonal.

    • That's fine that you say that the plate fits 8" SCT, but that does not tell us what outside diameter tube it fits for everybody else interested. Dee1

      According to Losmandy, the tube diameter these radius blocks conform to is 9.15" (232.4mm).

    • The scope has 1 hand control port and 3 aux ports, but no dedicated "autoguider" port like the other Celestron scopes.  How does one connect an autoguider camera (Orion) to the Evolution scope for autoguiding in EQ wedge mode?

      Hello K_Staller, According to Celestron, there is no way to use an autoguider with this telescope. The only way that you can get this to track more accurately in EQ mode is to pick at least a dozen calibration stars so that the tracking becomes more accu

    • I am always skeptic about built-in batteries...is there any projection of total battery life (in years) for this product? Based on continuous use...I did read that there is no chance to use external powertanks, but for charging the built-in battery

      According to Celestron's Tech Support department, the internal battery is rated for 10 years of continuous use. The scope can be used with a PowerTank, but this is not necessary.

    • What color is it? How much does it weigh? How old is it?

      The color of this telescope is diamond black and it has white mounting rings & a focuser. It weighs 25 lbs. & was made in 2010.

    • I like the idea of the heavier tripod for the 9.25, yet it seems that the same arm is used on all three, the 6, 8, and 9.25. Is that right? if so, it seems that the arm is eihter overkill for the 6" or it will under-perform for the 9.25. 

      Thank you for your question. We have all three telescopes set up on our show room floor & what we have found is that the arm is adequate to support all three optical tubes very sturdily so you will have no problems in terms of stability. In the case of th

    • What is the weight of each individual component?

      The OTA weight of the Nexstar Evolution is 20 lbs. The weight of the mount and tripod is 26 lbs.

    • Can I buy only a NexStar Evolution Computerized mount ? If then, could you tell me the price of it ?

      Unfortunately, Celestron does not sell the mount separately at this time.

    • What is included in the Observer Accessory Kit?

      Allen, This is what's included in the accessory kit: •Two high-quality Plossl eyepieces (6mm and 17mm) for high and moderate power viewing •Kodak Wratten #25 and #80A blue 1.25" eyepiece filters for increasing the contrast of planetary views •Neutral d

    • is the Meade audiostar compatible with the etx-125ec

      Yes, The Audiostar will work with the ETX125ec. When you turn on the Audiostar for the first time you will be prompted to select your telescope from the menu options

    • so from the answer below. if the battery dies i can still use the scope with a dc power supply, power tank etc.

      That is correct, and that will work as long as the second power supply retains enough power to run the telescope mount.

    • The weight in the response said 26 pounds for the mount and tripod. What i the weight of the 9.25 OTA, the tripod for the 9.25 and the mount head for the 9.25 Mike

      The 9.25" OTA is 20 lbs, the fork arm is 17lbs, and the tripod with heavy duty spreader is 26 lbs.

    • Just to clarify...are the eyepieces included in bundle #3 the 2" version? Thanks.

      The 42mm and 30mm eyepieces are 2" while the 15mm eyepiece is 1.25" The included 2" diagonal includes a step-down adapter to 1.25", so either format of eyepiece can work with it.

    • 1. How many boxes are there? 2. Please let us know the size of each box. 3. Please let us know the weight per box. Do you have a discount plan at the end of the year? Thank you.

      This telescope is shipped in two boxes. The telescope box is 34"x17"x22" and weighs 66 lbs. The tripod box is 35"x19"x15" and weighs 35 lbs.

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