Celestron 9.25” .7x Edge HD Focal Reducer

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Accessories Added

  • 42mm corrected image circle
  • 146mm back focus
  • One full F-Stop faster than f/10
  • Increase field of view by 43%
  • Blacken edges to reduce internal reflections


Celestron 9.25” .7x Edge HD Focal Reducer

Celestron’s 9.25” .7x Edge HD Focal Reducer Makes the 9.25" Edge HD OTA even more versatile than ever, this reducer dramatically increases your field-of-view while also increasing the brightness of your image whether you’re using it for visual use or astrophotography.

For Astrophotography:

All .7x Edge HD Focal Reducers cut the exposure time in half from the f/10 configuration. You will now be able to capture twice as much data in the same amount of time. This particular model will shorten the focal length 9.25” Edge from 2350mm to 1645mm which will also speed up the focal ratio from f/10 to f/7. The corrected image circle for this focal reducer is 42mm which large enough fully illuminate a full fame camera sensor. You will not need to change adapters or sensor spacing this reducer maintains the same 146mm back focus as the 9.25” EdgeHD without the reducer and uses the same 3.3-16tpi threading on found on the rear of the OTA.

For Visual:

Since this .7x Edge HD Focal Reducer doesn’t change the back focus of the telescope and has the same thread type as the rear cell of the OTA, you will also be able to attach the 2” mirror diagonal that comes with your Edge OTA. All the eyepieces that you own will work just the same, only now you will have a wider field of view and the image in eyepieces will be substantially brighter.


Back Focus146mm
Back Focus42mm
Camera/Eyepiece Connection16 TPI
Free ShippingYes
Warranty2 Year Warranty


  • 9.25” .7x Edge HD Focal Reducer


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