Celestron Motor Drive for Celestron AstroMaster Equatorial Mounts

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Celestron Motor Drive for Celestron AstroMaster Equatorial Mounts

Attach this Celestron Motor Drive to any AstroMaster equatorial mount and the telescope will track the stars in right ascension (RA) as they move across the sky! 

To allow tracking of celestial objects, Celestron offers an optional single axis motor drive for the CG-2 and CG-3 EQ Mounts. Once polar aligned, the motor drive will accurately track objects in Right Ascension as they move across the sky. Only minor adjustments in Declination will be necessary to keep celestial objects centered in the eyepiece for long periods of time.

Compatible with all German Equatorial (EQ) Celestron AstroMaster, PowerSeeker, CG-2 and CG-3 telescopes. The Motor Drive is equipped with a speed rate regulator that allows the motor drive to track at a faster or slower speed. This is useful when observing non-stellar objects like the moon or Sun, which travel at a slightly different rate than the stars. Never observe the Sun without using a proper solar filter with your telescope!

The Motor Drive is also equipped with a North/South switch that can reverse the direction of the motor for Southern Hemisphere use. Simply slide the switch to "N" when operating in the Northern Hemisphere and "S" when operating in the Southern Hemisphere.

OPT Product Number: CE-93514

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Accessory TypeSingle Axis Drive
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Warranty2 Year Warranty

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  • I'm totally new to telescopes and have a small 60mm telescope with an equatorial mount (has a flexible cable that can be attached to the bar which moves the RA angle). Do I just attach this motor instead of the cable or what?

    This motor was designed for the Celestron Astromaster EQ3 mount, though it may be adaptable to other small EQ mounts. The motor has to attach to the metal rod where the cable attaches and then the aluminum bracket bolts to the side of the mount. If your