Celestron 1.25" Moon Filter Set

  • Provides High-contrast Views of the Moon!
  • Free Download of Robert Reeves' eBook: Lunar Lanscape.
  • Includes a Carrying Case. 
  • Three Neutral Density Filters (13%, 25%, 50%).
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Celestron 1.25" Moon Filter Set

The Celestron 1.25-inch Moon Filter Set contains four filters you need to observe the Moon during its various phases. Choose the best filter to use with different eyepiece and telescope combinations. You can use the darkest filter with larger aperture telescopes and lower magnification eyepieces. You can also use the lighter filters with smaller telescopes and higher magnification eyepieces.

This kit is essential for taking the next step in exploring your telescope’s full lunar capability, or for use seasonally while using a variety of telescopes and eyepieces to observe the Moon.

What You Get:

  • Three Neutral Density (ND) Filters: ND96-0.9 13% T, ND96-0.6 25% T, and ND96-0.3 50% T —These dim the entire visual spectrum from 400 to 700 nm equally. The ND96-0.9 filter transmits 13% of the incoming light, the ND96-0.6 transmits 25% and the ND96-0.3 transmits 50%. They do not impart any color to the Moon but reduce lunar brightness. 
  • A Moon & Sky Glow Filter — This (light purple) filter selectively reduces light transmission at different wavelengths and greatly improves contrast for observing subtle lunar features.
  • A Durable Plastic Carrying Case. 
  • Moon Map and Legend — The Moon map comes complete with a legend highlighting 17 key features to explore among the surface. 

Main Features:

  • Four great Moon filters in one kit—everything you’ll ever need for optimal views of the lunar surface.

  • Three neutral density (ND) filters with different levels of light transmission (13%, 25%, and 50%) allow you to choose the perfect filter for your viewing conditions.

  • Moon & Sky Glow filter provides high contrast views of the lunar surface and enhances observation of deep sky objects from light polluted skies.

  • Aluminum filter cells provide a rigid, durable housing for the filter glass and are threaded on top and bottom for stacking.

  • A plastic carrying case with Moon map and legend for identifying the most popular lunar features.



Filter TypeMoon
Filter TypeMoon and Neutral Density
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