Bob's Knobs Collimation Knobs for Celestron 11" f/10 with Trifid Fastar

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Bob's Knobs Collimation Knobs for Celestron 11" f/10 with Trifid Fastar

Bob's Knobs Celestron 11" f/10 with Trifid Fastar Secondary Housing Collimation Knobs

With these Bob's Knobs Collimation Knobs, it's easy to make collimation adjustments to your Celestron C11 with Trifid Fastar. You can even collimate while looking through the eyepiece on most telescopes. What's more, you'll never drop that pesky little Allen wrench or screwdriver in the grass again. Installation is a snap with included instructions, and you can undo the modification at any time.

These knobs fit Celestron 11" (28 cm) f/10 SCT versions (metal or carbon fiber tube) with standard thread factory collimation screws and "Trifid" rotary cover Fastar secondary housing. Factory collimation screws are silver Phillips. These knobs will also fit the C11 with Starizona Hyperstar if the collimation screws have standard threads.

Bob's Knobs Product Number: C11STDFST


ManufacturerBob's Knobs


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  • Point of clarification please - this is the knob set required for a Celestron 11" Edge HD.  I know it is Fastar capable, but I have no idea whether the threads are metric or standard.

    Hello David, These screws are actually standard so they will not work on the C11 Edge HD. What you really need is the collimation knobs for the CPC1100 with faststar.