Bob's Knobs for Meade 8" f/10 SCT with 6-Screw Secondary

Brand: Bob's Knobs

SKU : BS-M8-6

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  • Bob's Knobs for Meade 8" f/10 SCT with 6-Screw Secondary

    Now there is no more tools needed to make collimation adjustments to your telescope! It's easy . . . just grab a Bob's Knob and turn. You can even collimate while looking through the eyepiece on most telescopes. What's more, you'll never drop that pesky little Allen wrench or screwdriver in the grass again. Installation is a snap with included instructions, and you can undo the modification at any time. Bob's Knobs KNOBM8S - Meade 8 f/10 SCT with 6-Screw Secondary Fits: Meade 8" f/10 SCT with 6-Screw Secondary. It is important that you choose the correct style Bob's Knobs for your telescope. Please note the number and type of screws on your secondary housing before ordering. The product you receive may not resemble that shown. Meade has re-designed the secondary mirror assembly on their 8" SCT with six screws instead of three screws that appear on the older design. The three outer screws hold the secondary housing parts together, and the three inner screws are for collimation. The 8" SCT six-screw secondary requires knobs with longer screws. Knobs for the 6-screw secondary must not be used on scopes with the 3-screw secondary. The screws are too long and they can contact the back of the secondary mirror.
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    Collimation ToolCollimation Knobs
    WarrantyLifetime Warranty

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