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Bisque 4" Pier Extension for ME/ME II/MX Pyramid Portable Pier

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Bisque 4" Pier Extension for ME/ME II/MX Pyramid Portable Pier

Bisque ME & ME II Pyramid 4" High Pier Extension

This pier extension is designed to allow the use of longer optical tubes on the ME Pyramid Portable Pier by providing an additional 4 inches of height. One or more extensions of either 4" or 6" may be used to make the pier top as high as necessary. This product includes one (1) 4" extension. The extension is installed between the circular plate and the square plate on the Pyramid. A 3/8-24 tpi bolt or bolt rod will be required to thread through the plates and any extensions that you add, plus 2.5".

This product includes a rod for one 4" extension, assuming it is the only extension in your shopping cart. If you plan to buy more than one and stack them, please make a note in your shopping cart so that we can order you the proper length rod. Also let us know if you order more than one extension but plan to use them on different telescopes. Software Bisque will normally supply one long rod that will work with the total height of the extensions you order, but will send separate rods if you have plans to use the extensions ordered on more than one mount. For more information on installation and rod requirements, take a look at page 15 of the attached Pyramid Pier User's Guide, which is stored in our "Supporting Docs" section.


ManufacturerSoftware Bisque