Baader Protective Wide-T-Ring for EOS with 2" Nosepiece

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Baader Protective Wide-T-Ring for EOS with 2" Nosepiece

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This splendid quality Wide-T-Ring from Baader Planetarium has several purposes all rolled into one highly functional whole. It doesn't just serve as a normal T-Ring adapter and allow you to make those connections, but it also takes this one step further towards solving several of the traditional problems that usually plague T-Rings. Loose fit, dust plagues, vignetting and choke points- all frustrating issues that often plague those who use T-ring adapters for imaging purposes...

And Baader's new DSLRT works to solve them at least partially. The 2" wide-aperture of the Baader protective T-ring accepts 3 different attachment adapters, which are included with each T-ring: Standard T-thread (42mm), 2" thin profile nosepiece, and 48mm thread (astro filter standard). This gives you a wide variety of options for a tighter fit or looser as needed, and can help with both choking and vignetting by giving you the option of an adapter that will avoid blocking your view. The internal filter compartment is able to accept both 2" mounted filters and 50.4mm diameter unmounted filters for the widest clear aperture possible (47.3mm aperture). These T-Rings are designed with the Cannon EOS in mind, and have the tightest fit possible to avoid wobbling or other similar issues caused by a loose fit. Furthermore they also act as dust shields to protect your optics!

The Baader Protective Wide T-Ring also comes with a 2" nosepiece that can be used with the Cannon EOS just the same as the T-Ring itself can. All in all, this is a splendid package for those making use of the Cannon EOS camera for astro-imaging purposes, so give it a shot!

Manufacturer Product Number: DSLRT




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  • I would like to use filters on my EdgeHD 8 Inch but it does not allow them to be threaded. Can I use this t-ring, attach a 2 inch filter to it and then screw it onto the EdgeHD t-adapter without affecting the backfocus? Thanks.

    Yes, because the filter can thread right inside the T-ring without changing the T-ring's length. There is a slight shift in focus due to the filter, but it is 1mm or less.