Baader Nosepiece 1.25" / T2

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Baader Nosepiece 1.25" / T2

Baader Nosepiece 1.25" / T2

This Nosepiece from Baader Planetarium is designed to allow you to mount your T2 accessories or camera into 1.25" focusers and other accessories. Designed with an external T2 thread on one end for incorporating to T-2 System Components, this is a high quality piece of hardware; precisely machined and finished, it provides a secure fit with minimal slop or descent ring. Furthermore, the Baader T2 features a recessed groove that prevents accidental slippage, assuring the security of your mounted components. The 1.25" nosepiece is provided with standard 1.25" filter threads as well as an internal M34 thread for accepting the VIP Barlow lens or Glasspath Compensators. The Baader 1.25" T2 Nosepiece also incorporates full internal sharp V-threading and blackening, which provides maximum contrast and while also rejecting stray light. All in all, a top notch Nosepiece for use with 1.25" focusers and T2 Thread using accessories!

Baader Nosepiece 1.25" / T2- Features and Specs

  • Baader Planetarium's Nose piece 1.25"/T-2 has an external T-2 thread
  • The 1.25" T-2 Baader Nosepiece has an internal M34 thread for accepting VIP Barlow Lens or Glasspath Compensators
  • Baader Planetarium's Nosepiece features full internal sharp V-threading and blackening
  • Weight = 0.6oz.
  • 1.25" nosepiece length = 28mm (1.10")
  • Total length = 33.2mm (1.30")
  • Optical length = 0.5mm (0.02")

Manufacturer Product Number: T2-14

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  • I have a baader maxbright binoviewers w " nosepiece and 1.7 x glaspath. I want 1.25 inch nosepiece instead of 2 inch one Please confirm if the 1.25 one can be connected to my viewer. Thanks,

    According to our Baader distributor, it appears that this nosepiece is correct, as long as you have the glasspath adapter ring that should have come with your 1.7x corrector.