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Baader Log-Pot Micro Guide Illuminator

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Baader Log-Pot Micro Guide Illuminator

Baader Planetarium Log-Pot Micro Guide Illuminator

This Baader Planetarium Log-Pot Illuminator is meant to be used with the Micro Guide Eyepiece. It closely resembles the previous Micro Guide illuminator with the only noticeable difference being the Baader logo minted on the side of the new unit. This Illuminator features an extremely generous logarithmic brightness control range. The light is faint in the beginning, slowly increasing to full capacity.

Contains an M8 nose piece thread with 0.75mm pitch, the most common thread for reticle eyepiece connections. Keep in mind, however, that some illuminated eyepieces are currently being made with female M8 threads that have a 1mm pitch in lieu of 0.75mm. Check to see if your gear will work with this illuminator prior to purchasing.

Baader Planetarium Product Number: ILLUM