Baader Heavy-Duty T-2 Quick Changer

Brand: Baader

SKU : BA-T2-06A

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Product Details

  • Baader Planetarium T-2 Quick Change System

    The Baader Planetarium T-2 Changer System provides a quick method of attaching and detaching the wide range of Astro T-2 System’????????ƒ????????? parts conveniently and securely, while also permitting full 360??? rotation. The T-2 Changer System acts as a central hub for the wide array of possible T-2 system combinations. This innovative system consists of two components, the T-2 Quick Changer and the T-2 Changer Ring. These are available as a set or as separate units. They work together to give you a way to swiftly swap assemblies and components, eliminating the need to thread or unthread pieces. The dovetail design enables exceptionally secure and accurate coupling, preserving precise and consistent location and focal distance. This provides convenient rotation of T-2 system elements or separate instruments like CCD or film cameras. Furthermore, the T-2 Quick Changer also works with the Baader/ Zeiss Giant Bino-Viewer's input dovetail ring, supplying a handy way to connect your telescope or other T-2 system elements.

    Baader Planetarium Heavy-Duty T-2 Quick Changer

    This new Heavy-Duty Quick Changer (#T2-6A) features a non-rotating clamping block for even greater holding capability. The Quick Changer comes with an internal T-2 thread, which couples with any externally threaded T-2 component, or adapted straight to your telescope. Baader Planetarium Product Number: T2-06A

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