Baader CMOS Optimized RGB-R Filter - 47.4mm

Brand: Baader


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  • 47.4m x 2mm Baader CMOS RGB-R Bandpass filter
  • Suitable from f/15 to f/1.8
  • Balanced RGB design that allows for images to be captured at the same exposure time
  • Optimized with Life-Coat™ coating

Product Details

  • The Baader CMOS-Optimized RGB-R Red Filter for FCCT is a 47.4mm round unmounted 2" bandpass filter suitable for f/15 to f/1.8. The balanced RGB design allows for the capture of subframes to be taken at the same exposure time. 

    This RGB filter is anti-reflection and made with an extremely high transmission of the red color channel. Meaning that it reduces stray light and any unprecedented reflections. 

    Optimized for modern CMOS cameras, but will also work well with CCD camera technologies.

    This filter has blackened edges all around it, and also comes with a filter-lead-side-indicator to differentiate which direction to insert the filter. With a Reflex-Blocker™ hard coating, this filter is also plane optically polished with Life-Coat™ sealed coating edges.

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    • Baader CMOS-Optimized RGB-R Red Filter for FCCT - 47.4mm Round Unmounted

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