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Baader Classic Ortho Telescope Eyepiece - 10mm

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Baader Classic Ortho Telescope Eyepiece - 10mm

Baader Classic Ortho Telescope Eyepieces

Baader's Classic Orthoscopic eyepieces are the paramount eyepiece for the planetary observer. Working in close association with Zeiss, Baader Planetarium has aquired an in-depth knowledge of their eyepiece and optic design and production techniques. Their goal was to create an eyepiece that was as great as the original Zeiss Abbe Orthoscopic eyepieces of years past while allowing this design to be accessible to the average amateur astronomer. They have succeeded with flying colors.

Using a specialized coating technique called Phantom Multi-Coatings, Baader uses a broadband multilayer coatings on all of the optical surfaces and increases contrast, purity of color while minimizing ghost imaging but diminishing reflectivity from each air-to-glass surface.

Fine machine quality also increase light transmission and reduce glare or reflectivity. Each Baader Orthoscopic is threaded to accept 1.25" filters.