Baader 36mm Filter Slider for Unmounted 36x2mm Filter - Set of 4

Brand: Baader


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  • Four(4) 3D-printed plastic unmounted filter holders

Product Details

  • The Baader 36mm Filter Slider for Unmounted 36x2 Filters is a set consisting of four pieces of 3D-printed plastic filter holders intended for unmounted Ø 36 x 2 mm Baader filters.

    These filter holders come with built-in Neodymium magnets to ensure that the filter drawer is consistently held in the same position without falling out. 

    With the help of the filter extractor tool (included in the scope of supply for the FCCT) these filters holders can be easily and safely changed out. 

    Perfectly suitable for Ø 77 mm QHY-Cameras (e.g. QHY 174 / 163 / 183) and Ø 90 mm QHY-Cameras (e.g. QHY 268 / 294). 

  • included items

    • Baader 36mm Filter Holder (4 pcs) for Baader FCCT for Unmounted Ø 36x2mm Baader Filters (3D-Printed)

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