Baader 2" 90 Degree Deluxe Astro-Grade Amici Prism with 2" Clicklock and Nose

Brand: Baader


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  • 2" Baader 90 degree diagonal with a 2" click-lock adapter

Product Details

  • Baader Planetarium has produced a high quality Amici Prism Diagonal that is considered by some to be among the finest available today! Amici Prism's are generally considered to be one of the very best methods by which to produce correctly oriented images in refractors and cassegrain type telescopes. But by the same token, that quality is hard to come by due to the Amici Prism being difficult to produce compared to more standard diagonal types. That difficulty means that most commonly sold Amici Prism's are in fact crude, poor quality derivatives of the design that entirely lack the quality they are claiming- an unfortunate truth that restricts access to quality Amici Prism's, and ruins their reputation. Baader, however, has not fallen into that trap- instead producing an Amici Prism of truly high quality, avoiding the defects that plague the lesser knockoffs of the design that plague the market and ruin its reputation. Seven layers of top quality multi-coatings ensure a bright and contrary image, and the over-sized prism provides a full clear aperture. Rather than being limited to terrestrial and low level astronomical viewing as its lesser quality cousins might be, Baader's Amici Prism Diagonal is fully capable of use for deep sky viewing or imaging, or indeed most any kind of stellar use! This brings the benefit of corrected imaging into a whole new range of fields; enabling the viewer to see the night sky as it appears in star charts, and making things generally easier on themselves. This deluxe model is further equipped with both a 2-inch Click-lock and a 2-inch nosepiece- both hard and silver coated. It works with a full 2-inch Aperture, and a 90-degree full field of view capacity that truly does produce immersively wide-field imaging.

    OPT Product Number: BA-AMICI-DX2



  • specifications

    Angle90 degree
    Diagonal Barrel Size2"
    Free ShippingYes
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    • 2" Baader 90 degree diagonal with a 2" click-lock adapter

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