Baader 1.25" to T2 Eyepiece Adapter

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Baader 1.25" to T2 Eyepiece Adapter

The 1.25-Inch T2 Eyepiece Adapter by Baader Planetarium:


 A standard adapter if you want to attach 1.25-inch accessories to an adapter or telescope with T2 male thread. The adapter uses a single locking screw.

OPT Product Number: BA-EYEHOLD-1

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Warranty1 Year Warranty

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  • Does the single locking nut include a brass locking ring? I assume the thread is at the top of the figure. Am I correct?

    The BA-EYEHOLD-1 does not have a brass compression ring, just a setscrew. The BA-EYEHOLD-2 does include the compression ring. You are correct that the screw is at the top where the barrel slides in and the bottom is flared out to accommodate the larger