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Baader Varilock 40mm T-2 Extension Tube

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Baader Varilock 40mm T-2 Extension Tube

Baader Varilock 40mm T-2 Extension Tube

T-2 Extension Tubes enable you to securely set or vary the spacing between T-2 components. The tubes are available in three lengths, 7.5mm, 15mm, and 40mm, and are provided with an internal T-2 thread at one end and an external T-2 thread at the opposite end. Full internal threading and blackening kills any stray light reflections.

Varilock T-2 systems are ideal tools for setting the exact focus on intervals - such as with H-alpha solar filters or image field correctors with critical focus position.

T-2 Extension Tubes are used throughout the ASTRO T-2 Systemƒ to provide proper spacing of system components.

Baader Planetarium Product Number: T2-25B


Warranty1 Year Warranty