Baader Sky Surfer III Red Dot Finder w/ 3 Brackets

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Baader Sky Surfer III Red Dot Finder w/ 3 Brackets

Baader Sky Surfer III Red Dot Reflex Finder

Are you ready to experience the difference Baader Planetarium makes in an affordable red dot reflex finder sight? The take a look at the Sky Surfer III... Featuring an extra-large 30mm non-magnified optics window, taking aim in light polluted conditions or on a dim field of stars has never been easier. Thanks to Baader Planetarium's own optimized anti-reflection coatings, the projected red dot image on the screen stays razor shrp and the variable intensity adjustment controls puts you in command. The extra-long lens housing acts as its own dew shield, too!

Baader understands all telescopes are different and most astronomers own more than one.... That's why three seperate base plates are included. The shorter fits large aperture telescopes well, while the longer, taller version works with smaller optical tubes and even fits most standard SCT mounting holes. For those that own Vixen-compatible dovetails, your bracket is also included. Now there's no need to buy additonal mounting plates for your imported or extra telescopes when the Sky Surfer III includes them for you! Simply mount the base to your scope using the supplied hardware - many models already have the correct drilled holes, or you may use the included double sided tape. Just slide the Baader Planetarium Sky Surfer III into place and secure with the dovetail screws. Align the Sky Surfer to your telescope's optics by using the knurled alt-az knobs, select your brightness level and head for the stars!

Baader Planetarium Sky Surfer III Red Dot Reflex Finder Features

  • Comfortable sized viewing screen for all lighting conditions
  • Variable Intensity Light Controls
  • Unique design features eliminate glare and prevent dew.
  • Compatible with spotting scopes and mounted binoculars
Baader Planetarium Product Number: SSIII

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Warranty1 Year Warranty

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  • Will this fit to a lcm114 telescope

    Unfortunately, this will not work unless you drill additional holes in the LCM114 tube. We generally do not recommend this sort of modification to these scopes as it voids the warranty on the optical tube.

  • Will this work on a Meade LX-200 Classic?

    According to Baader, one of the 3 included bases will line up with the screws for a finder mount on a Meade or Celestron SCT.

  • can you glue this onto you telescope

    At least one of the three brackets can be attached with double stick tape, but I would not recommend using glue due to the potential mess and the possibility of damaging the telescope if you ever choose to remove (or move) the finder).

  • Can this be collimated by hand, or does it require and allen wrench?

    The Sky Surfer III can be aligned to the optical axis by hand. No allen wrench is required.

  • Do these binoculars ( 30ox80) have astigmatism correction?

    With the narrow angle of 30 power binoculars, the optical design of the Ark 30x80 binos would not have much if any astigmatism, but there is no way to correct for astigmatism in your eyes without wearing proper prescription glasses when observing.

  • Without an image of the mounting bases on your website, do you see of a way to mount one of these devices onto a Canon EOS6 camera. Thanks

    Unfortunately, without a hot-shoe attachment and making modifications to one of the included mounts, there is no easy way to attach this finder to the top of a DSLR. You could possibly mount it to a plate attached to the bottom (a "side by side" plate),