Baader Planetarium 2" Clicklock Adapter for Large 3.25" SCT Thread

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Baader Planetarium 2" Clicklock Adapter for Large 3.25" SCT Thread

The 2-Inch Clicklock Adapter by Badder Planetarium:

The wait is over. Baader Planetarium has developed the big brother to their acclaimed 1.25-inch/T-2 Clicklock clamp. The 2-inch Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp brings eyepiece holders into the 21st century. Gone are the cumbersome thumbscrews. Gone are imprecise and wobbly holders. Now, with a simple twist, 2-inch eyepieces and accessories are instantly locked with such strength that they can literally support an entire telescope without slippage.

Simply grasp the rubber-knurled outer collar and lightly twist - that's all there is to it. The three-point clamping of the Baader 2-inch Clicklock Adapter guarantees consistent centering and the complete absence of wobble. There will b no-marring of your fine eyepieces and accessories! What's more a knurled clamp lever is also provided for added convenience and to give a quick visual indication of clamp position and each Clicklock is provided with the necessary wrench to enable adjusting the rotation of the clamp for positioning the lever in the most convenient location.

Baader 2-Inch Clicklock Adapter Features:

  • 20-degree Rotation is all that is required.
  • Very low force required to rotate.
  • Absolutely no sag or misalignment, even for heavy and long accessories.
  • Versions to fit most popular telescopes.


Customer Note: This adapter works for all Celestron larger SCT telescopes and that it MAY work with larger Meade telescopes, depending on your Meade telescope's thread size. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-483-6287 for further assistance, or email our expert sales staff for more information.

OPT Product Number: BA-CLSCL-2



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A OPT Telescopes Customer
Wade P.
United States United States
A Must-Have for the Celestron EdgeHD Imager

I just upgraded the optical train on the Celestron EdgeHD 925, and the pièce de résistance, which allows it all to work, is the Baader Planetarium Clicklock Adapter for the EdgeHD. Why is this so important? Good question. It all revolves around the backfocus needed to bring the guide camera into focus in the off-axis guider. I wanted to be able to easily adjust the guide camera’s focus, so I added the ZWO helical focuser to the system, but it pushed the camera too far back to achieve focus, that is if you are using the standard Celestron t-adapter. The length of the t-adapter doesn’t give you much wiggle room for adding accessories behind it. Enter the Baader Clicklock Adapter. It allows me to bring everything much closer to the optic, which then allows me to add extension adapters as needed. With it in place I am able to move the OAG up to where the old t-adapter would normally sit, and add adapters behind it to set my main imaging camera to the correct distance it needs to achieve backfocus. See, isn’t backfocus simple! Also, this thing is completely secure! The equipment connected to it isn't going anywhere.

Patrick M.
United States United States
Baader Clicklock

Easy to install and great to use. Very strong and very good quality. Do recommend!

Daniel R.
United States United States
Perfect fit, really perfect, very well machined

We have a 12'' Meade LX90 ACF. The Baader Planetarium 2'' Clicklock adapter for large 3.25 sct threat ******* right on. Threads were perfect fit. Thought it might not work, while picking out various manufacturers and options, but this one, this model worked perfect.

Robert W.
United States United States
Very nice visual back

Works perfectly and very well made. Quick switch to get my imaging stuff off and set up for visual observations in minutes with no fuss. Securely holds my 90 and big eyepieces.

John P.
United States United States
Click-Lock Success!

I usually do not buy into the hype when something new comes along. The large click-lock adapter is a wonderful addition for my telescopes. As anyone who has spent time at night, in the cold out in the field knows what a pain in the *** it can be when changing out equipment and/or packing up for the night. Threaded things tend to become difficult to unscrew or screw in the cold. The click-lock adapter by Baader works to handle those chores quickly and security, How many times have you dropped an eyepiece, CCD camera or other rear cell device while fumbling with them in the cold trying to screw and/or unscrew them? For me, too many times! The Click-lock adapter does the job! I can say that I will give anyone who wants to avoid these issues 5 thumbs up and buy one of these adapters for your rig!

United States United States
Works Well

Bought this adapter to replace my original reducer and visual back, for use with some 2" accessories. I also purchased the 2" to 1.25" reducer to go with this so that my 1.25" accessories are still useable. Threaded perfectly on to the back of my C11. Love that it also has small screws to tighten the back onto the OTA so it is less likely to come off when you're working the release mechanism.