Baader 2" Clicklock Adapter for Smaller 2" SCT Thread

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  • Baader 2" Clicklock Adapter for Smaller 2" SCT Thread

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    Baader 2" Clicklock Adapter for Smaller 2" SCT Thread

    Baader 2" Clicklock Adapter

    The wait is over. Baader Planetarium has developed the big brother to their acclaimed 1?????ƒ??????????? Clicklock clamp. The 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp brings eyepiece holders into the 21st century. Gone are the cumbersome thumbscrews. Gone are imprecise and wobbly holders. Now, with a simple twist, 2" eyepieces and accessories are instantly locked with such strength that they can literally support an entire telescope without slippage.

    Simply grasp the rubber-knurled outer collar and lightly twist - that's all there is to it. The three-point clamping of the Baader 2" Clicklock Adapter guarantees consistent centering and the complete absence of wobble. There will b no-marring of your fine eyepieces and accessories! What's more a knurled clamp lever is also provided for added convenience and to give a quick visual indication of clamp position and each Clicklock is provided with the necessary wrench to enable adjusting the rotation of the clamp for positioning the lever in the most convenient location.

    Baader Planetarium 2" Clicklock Adapter Features

    • 20 degree Rotation is all that is required.
    • Very low force required to rotate.
    • Absolutely no sag or misalignment, even for heavy and long accessories.
    • Versions to fit most popular telescopes.
    • Directly mounts to the 2" threads on all popular SCTs (Celestron, Meade). Physical length 47mm (wt 164gm)
    Baader Planetarium Product Number: CLSC-2

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    Warranty1 Year Warranty

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    • Re: 2" Baader Clicklock SCT adapter BA-CLSC-2 I know this visual back fits most standard 8" SCT threads, both Celestron and Meade. Will it fit the threads on the new Celestron 8" Evolution SCT?

      The 8" Evolution SCT, along with the 6" and 9.25" versions, all use the same 2.00"-24 TPI standard SCT thread on the rear cell. Any visual back adapters that fit a standard C8 will fit the Evolution scopes.

    • hi, will this fit a Celestron edgehd 9.25

      Yes, but for more clearance you may want to consider the larger Clicklock for the C11/14, which can attach to the 3.27"-16 threads on the back of the EdgeHD

    • Hi, will this fit a Celestron 2" sct xlt diagonal?

      If you mean the 2" mirror diagonal #93527, then no it won't. That diagonal attaches directly to the rear cell like a visual back does, so in order to use that diagonal, you don't even need this Baader click lock adapter. For other two inch accessories, su

    • Hello, Is the flatterer compatible with NIKON cameras and its T-Rings??

      Yes, the flattener ends with a standard M42x0.75 T2 thread and a back focus of 55mm. You can use any brand of camera and T-ring combo that matches this spec: Canon, Nikon, Sony, various CCD cameras, etc.

    • Will the Baader click lock 3.25 fit a Meade lx90 12 inch?

      Yes it will work.

    • Will this fit onto a Celestron 6SE?

      Yes, this Clicklock will fit a 6SE, but you may have issues with a 2" diagonal hitting the base when pointing high in the sky due to how long the adapter plus diagonal combo is.