Astrozap Flexible Dew Shield for Celestron 5" NexStar SE

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Astrozap Flexible Dew Shield for Celestron 5" NexStar SE

AstroZap Flexible Dew Shield for Celestron 5-Inch NexStar SE Telescopes

Tired of dew cutting your observing session short? Don't want to deal with storing or carrying a hard dew shield? Then check out the AstroZap Flexible Dew Shield!

This high quality comes in the sizes and shapes you need to fit any telescope in your fleet. All of Astrozap's shields are made of durable black ABS plastic that won't chip or crack. What's more, the interior is felt-lined to help absorb moisture and to prevent extraneous light from reaching the optics.

Attaching an AstroZap Flexible Dew shield to your telescope is as easy as connecting its sewn Velcro strips together. It's quick, easy and won't mar the finish on your telescope. The AstroZap Flexible Dew Shield also has a two inch wide rubber trim that keeps it from slipping out of place. When the night is over? Just detach the AstroZap Flexible Dew Shield from your telescope and roll it up - or lay it flat for easy storage. These inexpensive, but superior quality flexible dew shields are great for all kinds of scopes!

AstroZap Product Number: 117


Accessory TypeFlexible Dew Shield
Dew Shield Size0" to 5"
Warranty1 Year Warranty


Ask a Question
  • Will the Astrozap Flexible Dew child for Celestron 5" Nexstar SE fit my 127mm Orion Mac-Cas

    Possibly, but Orion does not give specific outer diameter info for their Mak to compare with the C5. It is likely that you could shim the inside with felt or adjust the velcro position if it is slightly too large or too small.

  • Is there an adapter for 2" eye pieces?

    You will need to have a 2" diagonal in order to use 2" eyepieces for your telescope. Item can be seen here:

  • How old is the lx200? What year it was first sold?

    Larry, The scope was made in 2001 but it looks as it was sold Monday. Steve

  • What are the length & width of the large flat section?

    Terry, The WO-M-PV is 3 9/16" wide and 7 3/4" long.

  • Will the Astrozap flexible dew shield for Celestron Nexstar SE fit my Celestron Omni xlt 127?

    Yes, the telescope tubes and even V-series dovetails are identical on both scopes - it's just the paint job on the outside of the tube that differs. There is no issue using this dew shield on that scope.