Avalon M-Zero LHQ Equatorial Fork Mount -Wi-Fi

Brand: Avalon


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Product Details

  • The M-ZERO LHQ Wi-Fi - An Equatorial Fork Mount with WiFi.

    Zero degrees, zero limits!

    Light, strong and smart as well as the M-zero standard versions, being suitable for very low latitude areas till 0°, it is the perfect instrument for the travelling astronomy.

    Mount For 0° to 70° latitudes 

    Avalon Instruments introduces the M-zero series of mounts for low latitude areas to 0°. Light weight and small dimensions, the M-zero LHQ comes with four ranges of latitude degrees available:

    • 1 - 0° - 15°.
    • 2 - 15° - 45°.
    • 3 - 30° - 55°.
    • 4 - 55° - 70°.

    The M-zero LHQ is the perfect mount for low latitude areas and travelling astronomy.

    NOTE:The Alt/az configuration is not available in the M-zero LHQ mount.


    There are 6 DEC arm positions on the RA axis available

    As well as the M-zero standard versions, the M-zero LHQ allows your to move the DEC arm up and down on the RA axis in 6 different positions (depending on the user setup). The setup can allow for fine balancing by using the least amount of counterweight possible, (in most cases, with less than 1 kg/2.2-pounds of counterweight).

    Double Telescope Setup

    Thanks to the Dual-DEC system (or by assembling the optional X-guider accessory,) it is possible to mount a second telescope on the opposite side of the declination axis. Considering this capability, it is possible to use a great range of optics starting from a small 4 to 5 kg (8.8 to 11-pounds) refractor up to a double setup with a total weight of 12 to 13 kg (26.4 to 28.6-pounds), obtaining performances so good it eliminates the need of getting a bigger mount.

    Thanks to the StarGO GoToControl System the M-Zero can be controlled by smartphone and tablet via Bluetooth or WiFi connection. (This is the WiFi version.)

    Zero Maintenance

    The virtually zero maintenance, the long lasting materials used and the possibility to easily update the StarGO firmware and software allow the M-zero to always be ready to use, up-to-date, competitive and extremely reliable!

    Light and Strong

    Made entirely from anodized aluminum, worked using 5 axes CNC machines.

    The mount weights only 6 kg (13.2-pounds) and, combined with the new T-Pod 90 tripod, reaches a total weight of 12 kg(26.4-pounds).

    Technology and Innovation

    The top quality manufacturing level, the Fast-Reverse Belt Drive System with zero backlash, and the StarGO GoTo control system allow excellent performance for use in astrophotography. It allows for guided long exposure images (see the suggested PHD2 guide parameters table), even while using very long focal length telescopes.

    POLAR ALIGNMENT can be performed by using the polar scope mounted on the RA body. The polar scope can be rotated to the upper position for a comfortable adjustment to achieve polar alignment.

    The standard kit for polar alignment is provided with the following components:

    • 1. Polarscope.
    • 2. Support stand, with scope adjustment knobs and a dovetail plate with an adjustment grip knob.
    • 3. Illuminator cap provided, with a red LED and a connection cable to the StarGO.

    Image note: Scopes and Cameras are not included in this package. Shown for demonstration only.


    • M-ZERO LHQ (Low Latitude High Quality Motors).
    • This single arm equatorial fork mount is for low latitude areas, down to 0°.
    • There are six DEC are positions on the RA axis available for use.
    • With the Dual-DEC system it is possible to mount a second telescope on the opposite side of the declination axis.
    • Zero maintenance.
    • This mount is light and strong, with technology and innovation. 
    • Image note: Scopes and Cameras are not included in this package. Shown for demonstration only.


    Avalon M-Zero LHQ Equatorial Fork Mount -Wi-Fi-inclPACKAGE CONTENT:

    • Mount Head.
    • T-pod 90 (Aluminum tripod).
    • Transport bag.
    • Counterweight shaft and 0.5 kg Counterweight.
    • StarGO Board and Keypad.
    • Polar scope with support.
    • Power Supply 15V 4A.
    • Warranty, Testing Certificates & Declaration of Conformity.
    • Allen wrench.
    • Tripod plate and screws for fixing the mount to the tripod.
    • USB flash drive with manuals and software.
    • Ra/Dec motor cables.
    • M-zero Dual Dec adapter.



  • specifications

    Drive TypeBelt
    Head DesignEquatorial
    Instrument Capacity17.6 lb Double/ 8.6 lb Single
    Mount Head Weight13.2 lb
    Tripod Weight13.2 lb

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