Atik Infinity Color CCD Camera

Brand: ATIK


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Product Details

  • The first of its brand to be completely designed, crafted, and intended for Video Astronomy, this model can proudly claim to possess both the speed and the sensitivity required for this rewarding practice. Through completely new and deeply intuitive software, the Infinity brings the wonders of the Cosmos to a screen in just a few easy seconds. Moving on, there is a Sony ICx825 sensor embedded into the Infinity, with EXView HAD CCD II technology for the utmost sensitivity and Quantum Efficiency at a resolution suited towards getting as close to real time viewing as possible! The impressive 6.45 micrometer pixel size is perfect for a wide range of telescopes, and the sleek rectangular design makes sure that the camera can clear the base on fork-mounted scopes. This means that the Infinity is great for a huge variety of setups, with strong compatibility with all sorts of models- from the most bare-bones basic of beginners models, to those outfitted for a professional tier observatory. And to go even further beyond in quality, the creators of the infinity have also included a custom software application utterly dedicated to video astronomy. It features an easily accessed, user friendly interface for optimum usability without compromising on camera control or performance. Live action continuous stacking eliminates background noise so you can see more of what matters- and flexible histogram adjustments make absolutely sure that you need to actively try to miss a detail! The broadcasting features are fully integrated into the Camera, making sharing your sky a simple experience. Combined with the voice-over and live web chat features, this allows for a fully interactive experience straight out of the box. Also included in this package are both recording and interactive replay functions, allowing you to remain in total direct control of the display when sharing your sessions with family and friends! This particular model comes with a color sensor, allowing the user to behold the universe in color that is far beyond the sensitivity of the unaided human eye, allowing a truly beautiful look at the cosmos, or even just the world around you through new eyes. What can truly be said to be special about this model however, is that while other video astronomy cameras are generally mono purpose due to being scaled up guide or security cameras, the Infinity is a scaled up version of a high-end, fully fledged 16-bit camera originally developed for OEM use in microscopy and inspection applications. This makes it a perfect model for capturing high quality images at live view frame rates, intended for the most demanding users. With that in mind however, the Infinity can still then be used as an exceptional guide camera, as it features a standard ST4 guide port for direction connection to your mount of choice- and as if all of the above features weren't enough, the Infinity is also fully compatible with all existing ATIK software packages.
    • Live Continuous Stacking
    • Flexible Histogram Control, including Auto-stretch functions
    • Live YouTube broadcast integration
    • Interactive Session Replay
    • Focus assist and monitoring tools
    • Save to FITs, PNG, and JPG formats
    • Full color imaging
    • 6.45 micrometer Pixel size
    • Standard ST4 Guide port


    OPT Product Number: A3-INFINITY-C


  • specifications

    ADC16 bit
    Back Focus13 mm
    Camera ConnectionFemale M42x0.75
    Color or MonoColor
    Dynamic Range12 Stops
    Full Well24ke
    Mega Pixels1.4 mp
    Peak QE73%
    Pixel Array1392 x 1040
    Pixel Size6.45 microns
    Read Noise6e
    Sensor Diagonal11.2 mm
    Sensor TypeCCD
    SensorSony ICX825
    Weight0.7 lbs
  • included items

    • Camera body with 1.25'' adapter
    • Infinity Video Astronomy software
    • 3-metre USB cable
    • 1.8-metre battery power connector
    • CD-ROM with drivers, software and user's manual (PDF)
    • Quickstart guide (paper)

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