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Astrozap Dust-Cover For 12" Ritchey Chretien Telescopes

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Astrozap Dust-Cover For 12" Ritchey Chretien Telescopes

Astrozap Dust-Cover For 12-Inch Ritchey Chretien: This Astrozap 12-Inch Dust Cover is designed for Ritchey Chretien telescope tubes with up to a 14-inch Outside Diameter.

Dust is a big deal to astronomers, and not just the kind found in nebulae! The last thing you want on your precious optics is a thick, fluffy layer of dust and when you're dealing with the outdoor elements dust can be hard to avoid! You need a dust cover. This cover from Astrozap is made from a cotton/ nylon blend material in a slick black color. A sewn in elastic band allows for a perfectly sealed fit on the open end of your RC telescope. Keep excessive dust away from your primary and secondary mirrors for sharper images and less cleanings! 

Manufacturer Product Number: 1412


Fits Telescope OD14"