Astrozap AstroStrap Dew Heater for 14" Telescopes

Brand: Astrozap

SKU : AZ-714

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  • Perfect accessory the Celestron RASA 14"
  • Eliminates and prevents moisture

Product Details

  • Do you have a problem with dew? There's a natural solution - Astrozap Dew Heaters. Here's how it works... On one side of the Astrozap Dew Heater you find a sponge insulation. This keeps the warmth of the heating element directed towards your optics or appliances and saves energy while it keeps your gear moisture-free. Simply wrap the Astrozap Dew Heater element around your eyepiece or objective cell with the blue cloth side applied to where you want the heat. On the flip side of the strap, you'll find a black Velcro closure. Just pull the strap tight, press the connecting Velcro tab to the back of the heater and the elastic holds it firmly in place. When running a full power, the Astrozap Dew Heater draws 1.92 amps and much less when operating in a normal mode. Each heater comes with a standard six-foot cord and phono-plug connector for 12-volt operation. But remember, the AstroZap AstroZap is just the heater and cord... You'll need a dew system controller to supply the power. No worries! The Astrozap Dew Heater is compatible with Kendrick, Dew Buster, and Thousand Oaks Controllers. When you use an Astrozap Dew Heater the HEAT is on! Astrozap Product Number: 714
  • specifications

    Heater Size13" to 16"
    Warranty1 Year Warranty
  • included items

    • Perfect accessory the Celestron RASA 14"
    • Eliminates and prevents moisture

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