Astrozap 156-162mm OD Full Aperture Glass Solar Filter

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Astrozap 156-162mm OD Full Aperture Glass Solar Filter

Astrozap 156 to 162 mm OD Full Aperture Glass Solar Filter: Astrozap has taken their excellent quality filter design into the solar field with stunning results! These full aperture white light solar filters are designed to provide the safest possible solar experience while still permitting the majority of safe light through for your enjoyment. The full aperture allows the most optimal daytime viewing possible so long as atmospheric turbulence remains minimal. One of the main benefits of full aperture filters like this is that they are designed to permit you to make use of the full aperture of the telescope they are attached to, avoiding any reduction of your field of view or other hindrances that might arise with other filter types, which obscure some of your telescopes original aperture. As a full aperture filter, Astrozap's premium glass solar filters utterly avoid that issue; letting you unleash your telescopes full power at the sun! 

This premium solar filter uses an aluminum cell as the frame- a cell that is meant to be smoothly attached to the end of your optical tube with nylon thumb screws and felt padding. These filters then make use of hand picked, thoroughly inspected optical glass of the highest quality available and coatings meant to ensure not only maximum reflectivity, but also the durability to last. These glass filters render the sun a natural-appearing orange-ish hue, letting you see the sun in the pallet of hues we traditionally associate with the sun. The filter box is foam lined for protection and shock absorption during handling, and is durable enough to store the filter while not in use.

Manufacturer Product Number: 1518

Warning: Neither OPT nor Astrozap are liable for damages to persons or property resulting from the user's failure to exercise ordinary care in the ordering, installation and use of a solar filter. Please be sure to exercise full due caution- direct viewing of the sun without a filter or with an improperly attached filter can be hazardous to ones health.



Fits Telescope OD Range of156mm to 162mm