Astronomik H-alpha 6nm CCD MFR - 36mm Round

Brand: Astronomik

SKU : AK-8H11B0

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  • Designed for fast optical systems.
  • MaxFR coating allows use down to focal ratio of f/2.
  • High contrast without halos.

Product Details

  • This Astronomik MaxFR 36mm Round Mounted H-alpha 6nm CCD Filter is the optimal narrowband filter for CCD astrophotography. With a 6nm FWHM, this parfocal filter is ideal for standard CCD cameras, allowing very fast optics to be employed.

    The contrast between objects with H-alpha emission lines and the skyglow background is greatly enhanced by the Astronomik MaxFR H-alpha CCD Filter. In addition, this filter completely cuts off light from spurious sources such as the mercury and sodium-vapor lines from street lamps, making it an outstanding light pollution filter! Due to the Astronomik CCD H-alpha substrate's high optical quality, you'll see the same razor sharp stars you'd see if you were using your regular telescope.

  • specifications

    Filter TypeH Alpha
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    • Astronomik H-alpha 6nm CCD MFR - 36mm Round

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