Astronomik CLS Clip-Filter Nikon Z XL

Brand: Astronomik


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Product Details

  • Astronomik XL clip filter designed for Nikon Z-series mirrorless full-frame camera bodies. Optimized for use with both telescopes and normal camera lenses, this clip filter is confirmed to be compatible with the Nikon Z7 model through previous testing. Other models, such as the Z5 and Z6, have yet to be tested. Rests securely in a stress-free environment within the camera following an extremely quick and easy installation process. Operation requires no additional camera adjustments.

    Blocks the spectral lines from mercury and sodium-vapor sources such as street lamps, while permitting a large portion of desirable visible light and h-alpha emissions to pass, thereby eliminating most of the encompassing light pollution that can tarnish your images. Enhanced for use with all aperture lenses, working at f/3 and above.

    Astronomik XL clip filters, like this Z-series configuration, enable astrophotography with DSLR cameras despite severe light-polluting conditions without white balance shift. All Astronomik filters are parfocal with all other Astronomik filters. Optical performance is not affected. Multi-layer coatings offer high resistance to scratches and the effects of aging, as well as high humidity. Astronomik filters come with a high-quality, durable, plastic storage case.

    • Quickly and securely clip into your Nikon camera for easy astrophotography.
    • Confirmed compatibility with Nikon Z5, Z6, Z7.
    • Not compatible with original Nikon Z 2.0x teleconverter.
  • specifications

    Filter ShapeNikon Z
    Filter SizeIn
    Filter Thickness1mm
    Filter TypeLight Pollution/City Light Suppression
    Free ShippingYes

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