Astronomik CLS CCD Light Pollution Filter - SC Rear Cell

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  • Astronomik CLS CCD Light Pollution Filter - SC Rear Cell

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    Astronomik CLS CCD Light Pollution Filter - SC Rear Cell

    A CLS CCD Light Pollution Filter - SC Rear Cell by Astronomik:

    The Astronomik CLS CCD filter works best with DSLR cameras that have been repurposed for astronomical use in a light polluted environment. This filter brings out the contrast between deep-sky objects and the background.

    As a result of the wider transmission curve this CLS CCD has when compared with UHC filters, more light will pass the filter. Stars will appear to be less dimmed. This filter has been configured to block as much artificial light as possible while supplying excellent performance for desired light. Makes a great filter for DSLR, CCD, and black & white film photography along with deep-sky observations using telescopes or photo lenses with f/3 and above apertures.

    The Astronomik CLS CCD filter completely blocks emission lines of spurious light from sources such as streetlights. Meanwhile all critical emission lines as well as the human eye's night-adapted spectral range are bypassed. An auxiliary IR-blocking layer permits the use of DSLR and Webcams without an incorporated IR-block filter.

    Alternative uses for this Astronomik CLS CCD Light Pollution Filter include easier resolution of Double Stars with the EOS-Clip version. Photography with DSLR cameras is possible with severe light polluting conditions without white balance shift. The 1.25-inch and 2-inch socket models can also be employed when observing from light polluted areas. For those who want to take color images from emission line data, the CLS-CCD filter is an excellent option for the Luminance channel.

    Astronomik CLS CCD Light Pollution Filter Features:

    • 92-percent transmission at 486 nm (H-beta)
    • 92-percent transmission at 496 nm (OIII)
    • 92-percent transmission at 501 nm (OIII)
    • 97-percent transmission at 656 nm (H-alpha)
    • Pass from 450 to 540 nm and from 640 to 690 nm
    • Parfocal with all other Astronomik filters
    • 1 mm glass thickness
    • Entirely resistant to high humidity, scratches, and aging impact
    • Diffraction limited, the filter will not lessen the optical performance of your telescope!
    • Astronomik filters are presented in a high-quality, durable, filter box

    OPT Product Number: AK-CLSCCD-SCT



    Filter TypeCLS
    Free ShippingYes
    Warranty10 Year Warranty

    Questions & Answers

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    • Hi, Can I use it with celestron Nexstar 9.25 with 2" diagonal(william optics)?

      Yes, You can use this filter with you setup. The filter a female thread on one end and male thread on the other.

    • Hi, do we screw this product on the rear cell or we replace the rear cell by this product ? Thank you

      This rear cell filter has the same threads in and out as a standard SCT 2"-24 thread, so it will thread right to the rear cell of your telescope and then your visual back or other accessories will thread onto the back of the filter. No replacement of the