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Astronomik CLS-CCD EOS XT Clip Filter

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Astronomik CLS-CCD EOS XT Clip Filter

The Astronomik CLS-CCD XT Clip-Filter EOS APS-C is a tried and true example of an imaging filter, and the new XT variant provides an exceptional level of clarity.

The Astronomik XT filters are an upgraded and improved variant of the Astronomik EOS Clip Filters, using vastly thinner glass to achieve a greater level of clarity and quality. These splendid filters grant incredible potential for aberration-free wide field imaging, the entire image crisp and clear to the absolute edge of the field. This, in particular, is a CLS-CCD filter, filtering out light pollution and enhancing the contrast between various targets. A good filter for DSLR-, CCD- and film b/w-photography as well as observation of deep-sky-objects with telescopes or photo lenses of all aperture f/3 and above.

OPT Product Number: AK-8H00KF


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  • Ref: AK-CLSCCD-XT Clip Filter