Astro Systems Collimating Tool Set - 1.25"

Brand: Astro Systems


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  • Astro Systems Collimating Tool Set

    Are you a little afraid of collimating your Newtonian reflector? Don't be. If you're out of collimation the performance boost this simple act gives is far worth a few minutes of worry. Take the stress out of the job by using Astro Systems 1.25" Collimating Tool Set!

    About the Astro Systems Light Pipe/Sight Tube:

    This unique and innovative collimator combines the LightPipe with the SightTube into one easier to use, lower-cost tool. The 2-in-1 collimator accurately aligns optics in Newtonian telescopes (LightPipe) as well as accurately aligning the focuser with the secondary mirror (SightTube). Save time, save money. Precision-made anodized aluminum, acrylic insert, and stainless steel crosshair wires.

    About the AstroSystems Autocollimator:

    You can use the Autocollimator to fine-tune collimation after using the Light Pipe/Sight Tube.

    If you're still worried after you purchase the Astro Systems 1.25" Collimating Tool Set, don't be. The good folks at Astro Systems have included a 14-page instruction booklet that will take you step-by-step through the collimation process.
  • specifications

    Collimation By ScopeNewtonians
    Collimation ToolCollimator Accessories
    Warranty1 Year Warranty

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